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Lifespan of an okapi?

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Lifespan of an okapi is about 30 years in captivity, and less living in the wild.

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What is the lifespan for okapi?

Lifespan of an okapi is about 30 years in captivity, and less living in the wild.

What is the lifespan for a okapi?

an okapi can live for about 30 years. wish that helps :P

What is the plural for Okapi?

The plural of okapi may be either okapis or remain as okapi.

What does a mother okapi feed a baby okapi?

An Okapi mother feeds its baby milk.

Is the okapi a mammal?

Yes, the okapi is a mammal.

Is a okapi a vertebrate or invertebrate?

the okapi is vertebrate

How do you pronounce okapi?

 [oh-kah-pee] = okapi

When was okapi discovered?

The okapi was discovered at the beginning of this century.

What do Okapi Eat?

Okapi are herbivores and eat leaves

How you call okapi in French?

Same word - Okapi.

Does the okapi have predators?

The predator of the okapi is the leopard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

What is a okapi mixed with?

Okapi is not mixed. That look is natural.

What body covering does an okapi have?

The okapi is covered in hair.

Is an Okapi a carnivore herbivore or omnivore?

The Okapi is a herbivore.

What is a female okapi called?

A female okapi is called a 'cow'.

How long is the okapi pregnant?

how many times can a okapi get pregnant

Can you crossbreed a camel with an okapi?

No, camels and okapi are not genetically compatible.

Is an okapi a vertebrate or an invertebrate?

The Okapi (Okapia johnstoni) is a vertebrate.

What is the common prey for the okapi?

The okapi is a herbivore. its only prey is leaves

Is the okapi endangered?

Yes, the okapi is considered an endangered species.

How many legs does a okapi have?

An okapi has four legs; as do all mammals.

How many offspring does the Okapi have?

The Okapi only have one offspring at a time.

How does the okapi stay warm or cold?

The okapi stays warm with its fur

Is an Okapi an invertebrate or vertebrate?

Okapi are vertebrate mammals related to giraffe's

On what continent would you find an okapi?

you would find Okapi on the continent Africa

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