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To reunite both sides of the broken U.S. - the North (Union), and the South (Confederacy). He tried everything he could to preserve his country.


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Early on, Lincoln wanted to reunite the Union. Later, he added Emancipation as a goal.

Lincoln was trying to reunite the nation. The confederacy succeeded from the union which caused the war and Lincoln was trying to reunite his country.

At the beginning of the Civil War President Lincoln stated that the war was being fought to preserve the Union.

Abraham Lincoln fought for the North in the Civil War.Lincoln was part of the Union. This is is the side located in the Northern U.S.

It is about how Lincoln wants to praise the soldiers of the Civil War who fought in the harsh and deadly war.

Abraham Lincoln he fought for the slaves

Lincoln hoped and fought for was the United States

The Civil War was still being fought when Lincoln delivered the address.

Lincoln fought the Civil War because he wanted to keep the United States together. After that was finished, he wanted to abolish slavery.

they fought in the civil war to serve their country.

Emancipation (for slaves) is what President Lincoln hoped and fought for during the Civil War.

lincoln wanted to reunite the union at the beginning of the war. when he issued the emancipation proclomation, the war changed to a war over slavery

To reunite the country, even if it meant banning or allowing slavery.

The US Civil War was known as the War of Rebellion, and the men that fought it were often referred to as "Rebs" (for Rebels).

They Joined the Civil War and Fought in the war to help Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln had a huge impact on America. He is arguably one of the most well known presidents. He fought to free the slaves and reunite the states into one country instead of a divided nation of the North and the South. He led the nation through the Civil War.

He did not have an opportunity to reunite the country. He was killed just 5 days after the US Civil War ended.

He fought against slavery because he thought slavery was wrong. He won the civil war and slavery was illegal.Hefought in the civil war and black hawk war too.

The speech that reminded Americans why the civil war was bring fought was the Gettysburg Address. The Gettysburg Address was delivered by Abraham Lincoln on the Gettysburg battlefield in Pennsylvania.

The Union=North and The Confederate=South, fought in the Civil War

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