Line of Sight radio communication during the Vietnam War?

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The US Army began radio operations in South Vietnam during the early 1950s. In 1962, the first full battalion of the 39th Signal Corps arrived in country; and received authorization to commence tropospheric (scatter) radio operations. This was conducted in phases and was not totally completed until 1968. Direct line microwave was considered short range (less than 100 miles).

MARS operations were purchased off-shelf by the US military in Vietnam in 1965.

Armed Forces Radio Service (AFAS Saigon) commenced operations in 1962. Later changing to American Forces Vietnam Network (AFVN) in 1967, with their slogan: "Serving the American Fighting Man twenty four hours a day, from the Delta to the DMZ!" (With their most popular theme song, "We Gotta Get Out Of This Place!" by Eric Burton and the Animals.

For further information: Vietnam Studies/Communication-Electronics in Vietnam; Department of the Army 1972, by Major General Thomas M. Rienzi
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What kind of communication was there in the Vietnam war?

Answer . Radio AN/PRC-25. Answer . As per the answer above, backpack radios were used widely by the infantry, given their portability, and decent reliability. Helicopter and vehicle crews had the advantage of larger, fixed radios as did artillery men. . Should radios fail, the average infan ( Full Answer )

What did communication have to do with the Vietnam War?

Battlefield communications is rarely touted and often maligned in military history. The VHF communication band for the military int those days was divided as follows: Armour/Infantry/Artillery and it was designed that way for a reason. The Infantry radio frequency had to overlap both sides to call i ( Full Answer )

How does the anti-war sentiment that existed during the Vietnam era compared to role of television and radio in the war in Iraq?

The country of NORTH VIETNAM was being bombed by B-52's and other strike aircraft such as F-105 Thunderschiefs, F-4 Phantoms, A-4 Skyhawks, etc. President Nixon, and President Johnson, before him, were trying to bring Hanoi (the capitol of N. Vietnam) to the peace treaty table. Air campaigns such as ( Full Answer )

What did the US do for Vietnam during the Vietnam War?

The US, commencing in 1969, began giving riverine boats of the US Navy to the South Vietnamese Navy, craft such as: Swift Boats (Patrol Craft Fast, PCR), PBR's (Patrol Boat River), Alpha Boats (Assault Support Patrol Boats), and monitors (River Battleships).. The US Air Force gave the South Viet Ai ( Full Answer )

What happened during the Vietnam War?

Vietnam War . Basically, the communists from the Soviet Union and China were trying to spread Communism throughout the world. Because both countries are in close proximity's to Vietnam, they decided that they should invade to spread their form of government. Eventually the U.S. entered and it bec ( Full Answer )

Why was the US afraid of communism during the Vietnam War?

The Vietnam War was between North and South Vietnam. North Vietnam was a Communist country trying to take over and control South Vietnam, thus spreading Communism to another country. The spread of Communism was something the US did not find acceptable. The roots of Communism have come from Russia wh ( Full Answer )

Who were the leaders of Vietnam during the Vietnam war?

Initially, the country was led by a man having the surname "Diem." He was a Roman Catholic who was supported by the USA and who was, at least in theory, democratically elected. In the mid-1960s, Diem lost US support and also managed to alienate many in Vietnam, especially Buddhists. He was assassina ( Full Answer )

Leader of Vietnam during the Vietnam war?

After the Geneva Conventions in 1954 Vietnam was split into two, North Vietnam (communists) and South Vietnam (democrats). The leader of the North was Ho Chi Minh. The leader of the South was Prime Minister Ngo Dinh Diem, who was later elected president of South Vietnam; and overthrown by his own ge ( Full Answer )

What is line of sight communication?

Line of sight communication is in the VHF and higher frequencies of the RF spectrum where the wavelength is to short to pass over structures and hills, the transmitter and receiver antennas must be in line of site

Dictator of Vietnam during Vietnam war?

There was no "dictator" of Vietnam during the Vietnam War. The Democratic Republic of Vietnam North Vietnam) was led by Ho Chi Minh until his death in 1969 when Le Duan became the leader. The Government of Vietnam or Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam) was originally led by Ngo Dinh Diem until his a ( Full Answer )

What were the alliances during the Vietnam War?

The US, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Thailand, Philippines, and South Vietnam, verses North Vietnam and the Viet Cong (with material aid from the Soviet Union and Red China).

Who was the president during the Vietnam War?

Dwight D. Eisenhower . John F. Kennedy . Lyndon B. Johnson . Richard M. Nixon . Gerald R. Ford During the American involvement in the Vietnam War, the presidents of South Vietnam were ex-prime minister Ngo Dinh Diem and later Nguyen Van Thieu .

What were the weapons during the Vietnam War?

1. The US service rifle in Vietnam was the M14. 2. The US jungle rifle (only issued to Vietnam/Central American operations etc.) was the M16. 3. Primary US battle tank was the M48A3 Patton medium gun tank. 4. Primary US armored reconnaissance assault vehicle was the M551 Sheridan tank. 5. The primar ( Full Answer )

What did the us do during the Vietnam war?

The US conducted war against the country of North Vietnam, and it's southern communist guerillas in South Vietnam. TheNewFlamel: I'm basically adding more stuff to the answer above: We fought against: - North Vietnam - Viet-Cong (communist guerrilla group mentioned above) We bombed the ( Full Answer )

How was Vietnam during the war?

Vietnam was a countryside, with the US military living in it (and the enemy). Civilians had to vacate the area (we RE-LOCATED THEM).

Was there a draft during the Vietnam War?

Yes. Initially there was a draft where all males of the appropriate age were eligible for the draft unless they were physically or mentally unfit, or had a deferment (formal excuse) such as being a college student. Later the Draft Board started a lottery, all were given numbers drawn from birth date ( Full Answer )

What did the communism have to do with the US and Vietnam war?

From 1945 (the Hiroshima and Nagasaki Atomic Bombings which ended WW2) until about 1990 (the Berlin Wall came down in 1989) there was a cold war. A cold war is a MILITARY STANDOFF. This "Military Standoff" was between the Communist World and the NON-Communist World.. In 1950 to 1953, the communists ( Full Answer )

Anomie during the Vietnam War?

The Vietnam era...the 1960's...was a transitional phase from one standard of values within the US to another standard of values. One value-Believing in the US Government, dressing properly, hair cuts, clean shaven, no profanity, respect for the law, serving one's country, patriotism, beer commercial ( Full Answer )

What US naval communications systems were used during the Vietnam War?

Wireless (Morse-Code) and standard radio communications. Satellites existed, and as with computers today, those items were limited to military usage. Civilians only received access to computers (on line/web sites/e-mail/etc) during the Clinton administration in the 1990's. During the Vietnam War, U- ( Full Answer )

What was going on during the Vietnam War?

Protests, assassinations, peace marches, riots, campus arson (burning of ROTC buildings), civil rights marches, women liberation marches, war, and the space race (we landed a man on the moon in 1969).

Who was involved during Vietnam war?

North Vietnam (and South Vietnamese guerillas known as the Viet Cong), VS the US, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, South Vietnam, thailand, and the Philippines.. Red China/USSR supplied war material to N. Vietnam.

What were the two major supply lines during Vietnam war through land and water?

The US Navy's Brown Water Navy (Riverine Force) had the Mekong Delta Rivers pretty well sewed up; the enemy could still get through...but vast numbers of USN Swift Boats and PBR's, Monitors, and Alpha boats put a strangle hold on the enemies water routes.. The Ho Chi Minh trail was another matter. ( Full Answer )

Who were the presidents during the Vietnam War?

North Vietnam: 1) Hồ Chí Minh was the president at the start of the VietnamWar. 2) Tôn Đức Thắng replaced Minh on 1969 September 3 to theend of the war. South Vietnam: 1) Ngô Đình Diệm was the president at the start of theVietnam war he was assassinated a ( Full Answer )

What happened in Vietnam during the Vietnam war?

Many souls were lost in vietnam. We went in to try to stop communism. North Vietnam was fighting against South Vietnam to try to establish communism which is evil. everyone is equal and gets the same pay no matter how hard you work. here's an analogy. one teacher who knew a lot about human psycholog ( Full Answer )

Was there support in Vietnam during the Vietnam war?

While I served in Vietnam in 1968, we received many packages sent simply to "any serviceman" filled with baked goods, paperback books, playing cards, candy, magazines, newspapers, socks, and letters from kids and families. The media spent a great deal of coverage on protests - but a great many Ameri ( Full Answer )

What type of radios did the soldiers use during the Vietnam war?

During the war, the standard infantrymen's radio was the PRC-25, man-portable back packed radio; as seen in the films: Platoon, Apocalypse Now, Hamburger Hill, etc. The radio had two antenna's available for use, the whip and the fishing pole type, both were used, in order to get the best reception. ( Full Answer )

What is a line of sight communication?

Line of Sight communication, in the technological sense, is a type of data transfer that requires "visual contact" with the two devices/antennas. Common line of sight communication are Infared (such as a typical TV remote), or any visible spectrum, to very high-frequency bandwidth (above 5GHz). Wher ( Full Answer )

Do radio waves need line of sight?

The absorption of radio waves by solid objects depends on their frequency (wavelength). As frequency increases (wavelength decreases), solid objects absorb more of the radiation, and line of sight becomes increasingly necessary for the communication. This is a fancy way of reminding you that ( Full Answer )

Did they have optic sights in the Vietnam war?

1. Aircraft used them 2. Riverine boats used them: Monitors (40mm and 105mm cannon turrets) 3. Battleship, Cruisers, Destroyers used them 4. M551 Sheridan and M48 Patton tank used them: 90mm gun Periscope and telescope 5. US snipers used them: Army 3 x 9 Redfield adjustable range finding scope 6. St ( Full Answer )

Do transmissions using radio signals require line of sight?

Yes, the l ine of sight is the direct free-space path that exists between two points. Using binoculars on a clear day, it is easy to determine if visual line of sight exists between two points that are miles apart

What was the environment of Vietnam during the war?

The best way to describe it, is to picture yourself camping in the forest (park, hiking area, anyplace primitive with no luxuries (NO toilets, showers, stores, gas stations, NOTHING) for a year. Wear the same clothes for one month at a time, cleaning them only in the river or creek or a hole in the ( Full Answer )

Who helped Vietnam during the Vietnam war?

Communist nations (Red China/USSR primarily) helped the North Viets & US/Australia/N. Zealand/ROK/Thailand/Philippines helped S. Vietnam. (RVN).

How did soldiers communicate with their families during the Vietnam war?

Mail Call! GIs took a pen and piece of paper and wrote a letter. No stamp required for GI letters leaving South Vietnam; just wrote the word FREE where the stamp would have been placed. Read a lot of books too! No such things as computers/Nintendo games/or cell phones back then. Men had to know how ( Full Answer )

Was there a baby during the Vietnam war?

Operation Baby Lift; five of the eight US military female nurses killed during the Viet War died when their transport crashed on take off in 1975.

Protection during the Vietnam war?

1. GIs on the ground were equipped with the M1 steel helmet (steel pot) and the flak vest. 2. Armor crewmen wore a CVC (Combat Vehicle Crewman) helmet; a tank helmet constructed of composite material (nylon/fiberglass). 3. Helicopter pilots wore "chicken plates", a front and rear plate made of com ( Full Answer )

What type of radios did people communicate with in Vietnam war?

The US Army utilized the man portable (back pack) PRC25. It came with both the whip and fishing pole type antennas. A 2 to 3 times larger version equipped with more capabilities was mounted in tanks and ACAVs. Those radios also utilized more antennas which identified the commander's tank or ACAV. I ( Full Answer )

What were the fads during the Vietnam war?

Some of the fads during the Vietnam War were long hair for men and boys; bleached straight blonde hair for women; miniskirts and hot pants for women and girls; bell-bottom pants for boys and young men. Beards became popular. Smoking marijuana and using LSD were common. Protest rallies were popular. ( Full Answer )

Was Vietnam communist during the Vietnam war?

During the Vietnam War, North Vietnam was communist, and South Vietnam wasn't. Following the war, the unified country is now communist (and is one of the very few remaining communist nations).

Who attack Vietnam during the war?

Vietnam is a country that is divided was in two, North and South. North and South Vietnam was in war with each other. I forgot what the the war was about. I believe is was slavery. When the war started South Vietnam ask the US to help them and so they did. I believe the war lasted 12 years before So ( Full Answer )