List animals live on the water?

well of course there are fish, some special snakes, alligators, crocodiles, and in the ocean we have sharks: bull, nurse, great white, hammerhead, whale shark, cookie cutter sharks, and ect. what some people may not know is that the cookie cutter sharks are the smallest but deadliest sharks, they take a deep bite out of a blue whale and in an hour it would bleed to death. also in the ocean there are sea turtles, eels, snails, rays, clownfish, butterfly fish, tiger fish, star fish, angel fish, salt water bass, sword fish, manatees, sea lions, crabs, otters, and many types of whales and ect.

and can you believe that i am only twelve years old! whoever wanted this question answered was stupid but it gave me something to do while im in high school, oh, i didnt tell you! i am an absolute genius so everyone is stupid to me. look up "piano prodigy" on youtube and you can find me bye!