List five different types of computer keyboards?

I have heard of Five computer keyboard layouts and many types of keyboard buttons.
Azerty is a keyboard used in primarily French countries with the word Azerty on the upper row on the right side. Qwerty is a lot like Azerty only with the letters Q and W and the top row instead of A and Z (which on a Qwerty key board is is right next to the Caps lock and right shift buttons.) Dvorak has been proven to actually be much faster than Qwerty and all of the vowels are placed on the left side while the five most common consonants are placed on the right side. I'm sorry I don't know much about Colemac though, I just saw an article mention it.There is also the Maltron keyboard but I know as much of that as I know of Colemac.
There are many interesting keyboards you would probably like to know. One of them is a spring keyboard which has springs installed to the bottom side of them. Another one is a rubber keyboard where the board and keys are made of rubber. The last I will mention is a Dome switch keyboard where whenever someone presses a key it collapses into a dome.