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Why is your hair curly?

hair follicles of people with straight hair are round, people with wavy hair have oval follicles and curly haired people have straight follicles. Your hair follicles are inherited from parents and grandparents

Why do you have curly hair?

You have curly hair because of your genes. Not your jeans, your genes. Does curly hair run in your family? If so, it's not unusual for you to have curly hair.

How do you get curly hair?

1. use herbal essences tousle me softly mousse. 2. get your hair wet, then braid your entire head. u should sleep in it, then when you wake up, its crimped, or curly 3.use a curling iron 4.use a crimper 5.use a curling iron, then use a crimper 6.scrunch it up

How do you get liberty spikes with your long curly hair?

Having experience with this hairstyle here's what I reckon you do: Ok firstly you gotta straighten your hair (preferably With a ceramic iron) Then wait about a day before you spike it because then cleaner your hair the harder it is to get it to stand up... Then put your hair into sections using pon ( Full Answer )

Why is hair curly?

The shape of a hair strand depends upon the shape of the follical in your skin AND the genetic code you have for hair protein. Some individuals are genetically coded to produce hair with folds of varying intensity. Hair protein with many cross linkages between molecules are more crooked.

What makes curly hair curly?

If you have a flat shaft then then you have curly hair. If you have straight hair you have an oval shaft. It always depends on what type of shaft you have. It also depends if you have wavy hair or not.

How can you get curly hair?

To get curly hair you could... Braid your hair and sleep with it. OR Braid your hair and add hairspray, water or moose. OR If you are in a rush you could use a curling iron.

What to do with curly hair?

To make curly hair look good, I, and many others, HIGHLY recommendgoing to the DevaChan salon. It is a bit expensive but TOTALLYworth it because they really tell you what to do. It really makesyour hair look great even if you only have slightly wavy hair oreven if you have puffy, frizzy, corkscrew c ( Full Answer )

List of sixties female singers?

Joan Baez Joni Mitchell Judy Collins Buffy Sainte Marie Diana Ross & Supremes Petula Clark Mary Hopkin Tammy Wynette Loretta Lynn Dolly Parton Patsy Cline Aretha Franklin Dionne Warwick Grace Slick (of the Jefferson Airplane) Janis Joplin

List of black female singers 80's?

There are many black female singers who became popular in the 80's.Some of them are Whitney Houston, Tracey Chapman, Natalie Cole, andSade.

How can you get long shiny soft wavy curly natural hair?

Shower first then blow dry your hair or towel dry it then curl a bit of it with your tongs then when you go to bed the curls will loose up a bit then in the morning you will have lovely curls.. Then get your favourite shampoo and conditioner and a empty spray bottle and put a bit of conditioner and ( Full Answer )

A list of female singers from the 1960's?

There were many successful female country music singers throughoutthe 1960. Some of the most notable are Patsy Cline, Tammy Wynette,Loretta Lynn, Skeeter Davis, and Jean Shepard.

List some Female singers from the 1970s?

Karen Carpenter Diana Ross Janis Joplin Carole King Cher Melanie Roberta Flack Helen Reddy Lynn Anderson Olivia Newton-John Crystal Gayle Donna Fargo Loretta Lynn Tammy Wynette Yvonne Elliman

Who was known as Long Hair?

There were many people and groups that got that name: 1. Hippies, or anyone else with long hair (hence the name "Long Hairs"). 2. People who listen to Classical Music or appear to be highly cultured. 3. General George Armstrong Custer....among other names given by the Indians.

How to do curly hair?

If you mean style wise, there are billions! I have curly hair and what I find helps is if you take some product (ex: NoodleHead) and scrunch your hair, it gives you beautiful, wet-looking curls. Another favorite of mines is a side ponytail. Bring the hair over to one side and secure with a hair tie ( Full Answer )

Want list of black female singers in the 1950's?

theirs a singer that im searching for but i forgot her name all i remember is that she sang in France becuz they wouldn't let her sing here in America cuz she was black

List all female singers that sang Santa Baby?

The original and most popular version was recorded by Eartha Kitt in 1953. Subsequent versions have Madonna to Marilyn Monroe singing. However, the Marilyn version is actress and jazz crooner, Cynthia Basinet (aka "c. basinet").

Which female singer has sold the most albums alltime?

The female singer who has sold the most albums alltime believe-it-or-not is britney spears. by the age of 25 she had sold over 67 million albums and by the age of 27 she ha sold 93 million albums. (in case you want to know, she turns 28 on 16th december)

How do you get your hair thick curly and long?

The way I do it is: 1. wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner 2. after that's done, braid it into two pigtails and let it dry( I prefer to let it air dry, but you can also dry it with a hair dryer) 3. the part about getting it long is A. let it grow out B. get extensions C. You might wanna ch ( Full Answer )

List of female singers from the 1960s?

connie francis the primettes diana ross carla thomas sketter davis the ronettes the teddy bears the crystalls the poni talis the bobettes

What can you do with curly hair?

Braid it, wear it half up, leave it naturally, straighten it, straighten and curl it for a different type of curl... there are many things you can do!

Why do females have long hair?

Both females and males have the same kind of hair, the hair on females is longer because they tend to let it grow without cutting it. Long hair is a matter of culture.

How to get curly hair?

There are 3 definite ways to do this either... 1. put in plaits for wavy hair or french plaits for crimpy effecthair put in while hair is still damp. OR sleep in rollers 2. Use barrell tongs or curling tongs for a loopy curls 3. Use straighteners and wrap hair around plates

Should curly hair have short bangs or long bangs?

i think it could have either but if i were you i would have long bangs....but...whatever your combterable with ask your friends hope i helped :] I would go with long bangs, preferably side sweep, which, if you don't know what that is, they are long bangs that are swept to the side that would look ( Full Answer )

You are mixed with black and white your hair is long curly thick and puffy you put activator gell in it put it still is puffy and a little frizzy and puffy at the top what should you use?

There are lots of products out there for people with hair textures like that now. Try mixed chicks and also a product called Curly Q. Also Aunt Jessie's curly pudding and Curly kinky custard. Try those out and find the one that best works with your hair texture. Mizani also has a curly product you c ( Full Answer )

Can you change curly hair to long hair?

You cannot "change" your hair to make it long. Curly hair, justlike straight hair, has to grow. You can temporarily make your hairlook longer by straightening it, however. Curly hair also tends to"shrink" when it dries, but there are anti-shrinkage products youcan apply to your hair to prevent this. ( Full Answer )

How long does it take to grow curly hair?

All depends on the rate of growth and how long you want to grow it. I'd say about a year and a half to 2 years to get it to shoulder length, but if your hair grows relatively fast, then it'd be a shorter period of time.

List of female singers from the 70s?

Joni Mitchell Joan Baez Judy Collins Carole King Janis Ian Carly Simon Dolly Parton Tammy Wynette Loretta Lynn Dottie West Tanya Tucker Barbara Mandrell Crystal Gayle Anne Murray Olivia Newton John Helen Reddy Emmylou Harris Bonnie Raitt Linda Ronstadt Roberta F ( Full Answer )

What to do with long thick curly hair?

Your thick, curly hair is probably the envy of women who have the opposite. Just make the best of it--keep it clean and combed. Perhaps you can find a hairdresser that can give you a good haircut, so that it is somewhat more manageable.

Do mindless behavior like girls with curly long hair?

Mindless behavior cannot be defined or generalized to a specific set of people. Each person acts and makes decisions differently. Girls with curly long hair do not act with mindless behavior.