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List of few things look like a cube?

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list of few things that look like a cube?

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When you look at a cube from the side what does it look like?

A square.

What does a hexahedron look like?

it looks like a cube

What does width look like?

it is the wideness, like in a cube

What does a cube look like?

A cube looks like a box. Most boxes are cube shaped (square boxes). The cube will have six sides that are of equal size.

What does a rectangular octagon look like?


What objects look like a cube?


What does a grain of salt look like?

a cube

What do a cube look like?

A cube is a 3 dimensional square. it looks like a box with all equal sides.

What does dry ice look like?

a white cube

What does a dice look like on bin weevils?

A cube.

What did the first Nintendo GameCube look like?

the same cube look but purple

What does 0 degrees Celsius look like?

An ice cube.

What things do explorers look for on a voyage?

well here are a list of things they look for. :fish, food, and drinks :land and your journey point :also they look for any kind of good shelter I hope you like my advice

How does sugar cubes look like?

It looks like a square crunchy white cube.

What are some things that look like a square pyramid?

Things look like pyramid

What does level four on cube field look like?

It has pink cubes with a white background , mountains things in the background!yeah, Ive been there like 15 million times.alice was here.

How is the square different from a diagram of a cube?

The diagram, or net of a cube shows what the cube would look like unfolded and also shows the surface area.A square is just a square; a 2-dimensional object, whereas a cube is a 3-dimensional object. But the net of a cube couldhave squares, if you were to look at each single unit of the net of the cube.

What do wombat droppings look like?

It is small, dry, and cube shaped.square

What does a toaster look like?

A toaster is a cube with slots to toast the bread or waffles.

What does wombat poop look like?

Wombat poop is actually cube-shaped.

What is the answer to this riddle you have 6 faces 8 vertices and you look like a block What are you?


What does a list of percents into fractions look like?

It will probably look like a table of figures.

What does a cube with a volume of 27 cubic cm look like?

It is a cube with edge lengths of 3 cm and a surface area of 54 cm2

What did the first rubik's cube look like?

Like a regular Rubik's Cube now, except for a different logo, it was slightly more blocky, and It possibly had a different colour scheme.

Are there people that look like ice cube?

Yes- my friend's dad looks EXACTLY like Ice cube- I just searched up ice cube and looked at his ears because my friend's dad has small ears. O.o I'm beginning to think he IS ice cube.