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Step Up

Step Up 2: The Streets

High School Musical

Save the Last Dance

Step it up 3: The Revolution

Bring It on

Bring it on: fight to the finish

Bring it on again

Bring it on: in it to win it

Foot Loose

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Q: List of teen dance movies
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Why do movies have dance parties at the end?

Movies usually have dance parties at the end to positively effect the emotions of the my experience only bad movies and teen dramas do this.

List of old dance movies?

there's a website called that gave me a few old dance movies

What are some good party ideas for teen girls?

a dance mabyue or movies or pool party??

Could you get a list of movies titles with Dance in the titles?

* Dances With Wolves * Flashdance * Dance Flick * Shall We Dance? * Save the Last Dance * Dirty Dancing * Dirty Dancing:Havana Nights

What are the release dates for Live Life and Win - 2011 Teen Actress Dance Dance Dance Teen Official 2-12?

Live Life and Win - 2011 Teen Actress Dance Dance Dance Teen Official 2-12 was released on: USA: 9 February 2013

Movies like teen spirit?

Bring It On: In It to Win It, Soccer Mom and The Howling: Reborn are the movies like the Teen Spirit.

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How many teen beach movies are there?

I think there are 3..

Do people who act on dance movies have to be professional dancers?

well yeah,they have to pro dancers if they want to do dance movies

The most popular teen movies that's been out and is coming out?

I think the most popular teen movies right now are the Twilight movies. Eclipse is coming out in June and everyone is really excited..

When did dance dance dance its a teen thing end?

It ended after all the people who attended in the mid-90s went to prison.

What dance moves should you do for drama?

Street DanceBreak Dance movies

What was the first teen dance romance movie?


What are some movies like epic movie?

scary movie 1-4 superhero movie dance flick stan helsing and the list goes on and on

What are teen films?

I believe that "Teen Films" are just movies that grab a specific audience in this case teens. These movies would mostly consist of things that teens are interested in.

How can i find a list of movies were released in spring of 1995?

A link to a list of movies in 1995 is below.

What are the names of the Teen Titans movies?

trouble in tokyo.

List of dance movies?

You Got Served, Save the Last Dance, Fame (also has singing and acting),Hairspray,Stomp the Yard,Chicago, Step Up (1,2, and 3),Singing in the Rain,Footloose, Dirty Dancing.

In which movies did Sharon Stone star?

Sharon Stone starred in many movies. Most notably, she starred in: Alpha Dog, Catwoman, Last Dance, Casino, and Basic Instinct. A full list of her roles can be found on IMDb.

How can you learn new dance moves?

you can go to a dance school or watch dance movies to learne dance moves,go to dance lessons or watch a dance/musical movie

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Should a 10 year old go to a pre-teen dance?

It depends if it's a dance your school is holding, or if it's an actual dance, where you actually have to dance with your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Will there be a new season of Teen Titans?

No. The show Teen Titans Go replaced it but you can watch the Teen Titans movies that DC puts out periodically.

How many songs does Just Dance have?

Just Dance (Wii) has a list of 32 songs to dance to.