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List out advantages disadvantages of optical fibre over coaxial cables?

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Advantages: Capacity Optical fibres carry signals with much less energy loss than copper cable and with a much higher bandwidth . This means that fibres can carry more channels of information over longer distances and with fewer repeaters required. Size and Weight Optical fibre cables are much lighter and thinner than copper cables with the same bandwidth. This means that much less space is required in underground cabling ducts. Also they are easier for installation engineers to handle. Security Optical fibres are much more difficult to tap information from undetected; a great advantage for banks and security installations. They are immune to Electromagnetic interference from radio signals, car ignition systems, lightning etc. They can be routed safely through explosive or flammable atmospheres, for example, in the petrochemical industries or munitions sites, without any risk of ignition. Running CostsThe main consideration in choosing fibre when installing domestic cable TV networks is the electric bill. Although copper coaxial cable can handle the bandwidth requirement over the short distances of a housing scheme, a copper system consumes far more electrical power than fibre, simply to carry the signals. Disadvantages: Price In spite of the fact that the raw material for making optical fibres, sand, is abundant and cheap, optical fibres are still more expensive per metre than copper. Having said this, one fibre can carry many more signals than a single copper cable and the large transmission distances mean that fewer expensive repeaters are required. Special Skills Optical fibres cannot be joined together (spliced) as a easily as copper cable and requires additional training of personnel and expensive precision splicing and measurement equipment.

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What are the different types of audio cables and how do they differ?

There are speaker cables, unbalanced analog cables, balanced analog cables, coaxial digital audio cables and optical audio cables.

Telephone cables coaxial cable a microwave signal and optical fibers are all examples of what?


WHAT Types of cables are used in a wan connections?

optical fiber ,twited pai,coaxial cable

What are the different types of cables in computing?

Coaxial cable, Optical fiber cable, Twisted Pair

Disadvantages of coaxial cables?

They are very difficult to install and bend because of the outer jacket.

What are the types of cables use in lan?

optical fibers ordinary telephone wires coaxial cables Ethernet (its pin is bigger than ordinary telephone wires)

Uses of coaxial cables?

Coaxial cables run data for television and for low speed data in LAN's etc

What are advantages and disadvantages of unshielded twisted pair cables?

advantages... cheaper and compatible.. Disadvantages.. More susceptible to electromagnetic signals and not safer

Types of Coaxial cables for data communication?

Different types of coaxial cables are : RG- 59 RG- 58 RG-11

What is disadvantages of coaxial cables?

Luke Fox being the greatest in the world is one hell of an advantage! It breaks easily though and has to replaced regularly.

Cables used in a star topology?

A star topology is a method of connecting several computers to one another in a network. The cables used in a star topology are twisted pair cables or coaxial cables. Coaxial cables would be the cheapest solution.

What are the Three types of physical cables that carry a signal?

fiber optic cables, coaxial cables, and twisted pair cables.

Advantages and disadvantages of underground and overhead cables?

Underground is safe from weather. Overhead is cheap.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of wired connection?

Advantage: everything. Disadvantage: cables and less mobility.

Disadvantages and advantages of submarine cables?

A. you can go under water. D. if they break you die.

What is the best coaxial cable?

Look for cables with the most shielding. The shielding in coaxial cable can be from a little to almost 100 percent. The better cables will have the most shielding.

How do you stop the popping noise in your home theater system?

This may be an issue of lost digital sync from a DVD player. Try switching from coaxial digital to optical cables for your player, if you can.

What cables carry the signal from a cable modem to a PC is it a RCA cable HDMI ethernet or coaxial?


Difference between thick net coaxial and thin net coaxial?

Distance of transmission, as well as the diameter of cables.

What cabling elements which does not commonly occur in coaxial cable?

A cabling element that does not commonly occur in coaxial cables is cladding.

Give some Areas of application of coaxial cables?

Coaxial cable (multiple cables with a common axis) is widely used for signalling as the outer cable acts as a screen for the inner cables. Coax is ideal for short/medium distance signals - it's easy to interface to, and cheap. For longer distance, it has some disadvantages - the signal starts to decay over distance and repeaters have to be used to reamplify the signal.

What is the form of signal in coaxial cables?

Coal and Iron elloc72

What are the advantages of optical fibers over electrical cables?

In a nutshell they are just faster and have a lot more potential to be more useful. However they optical fibers consumption of energy is not always optimal.

Types of coaxial cables used for data communications in a LAN?

RG-58 coaxial cable is used for thin Ethernet.

Why coaxial cable is much less perceptive to Interference?

Coaxial cable has a thicker shielding than most other cables.