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its is helpful by makeing things grow faster.they are used to grow other kinds of houseplants

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There is very little difference between prehistoric ferns and ferns of today. However, there are hundreds to thousands of fern species that are no longer around today. This is due to changes in topography, climate and time. Many of today's species are evolved or remain unchanged. But they are prone to the same

Same reason they're useful today - it lets people talk to other people even if they're far away.

Yes, there are more than 12,000 species of ferns alive tody. There are relatively few species of club mosses today.

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The ferns have been compressed into 'coal' and we use coal as a source of energy - hence 'fossil fuels'.

Ferns were the dominant form of vegetation during the Carboniferous Period about 300 million years ago. They were much larger than ferns growing today, some reaching a height of 24 meters (80 feet). Much of the world's supply of coal, oil, and gas formed from the remains of ancient ferns that were slowly buried under layers of sediment.

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Seed ferns in Gymnosperms were the oldest seed plants but none of them is in living condition today.

They live forever. The lady ferns alive today are ones that were alive during the ages of the dinosaurs.

There are many ways in which the periodic table is useful to scientists today including showing elemental patterns. Elements on the table are grouped together by like properties.

The Domesday book was useful to WIlliam the Conqueror because it was a way to know what land and goods were owned, and so he could assess taxes on all of it. The Domesday book is useful today because it is the most accurate portrait of land and economy in that area that we have of that time, so it is useful to historians and economists looking back at how things were done.

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Crops, vaccines & antibiotics are often transgenic or the result of genetic transformations. Also, the ability to transfer genes between species is extremely useful in many disciplines of life science.

All are useful, if some one can identify them. They are mainly used today to know in general where certain stars are.

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