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What are some of the significant achievements in your career ?

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Q: List your major achievements in your professional career?
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What have been your major achievements in life?

Although the question does ask about your life's achievements, during a job interview it is best to focus on those that are career related. However, if you have a major achievement in your life that demonstrates attributes that can be applicable to the workplace, you can use that example.

List out your long term professional goals?

When you are asked to list out your long term professional goals, you need to show a clear direction in your career. These are defined as career goals or objectives.

How do you describe your key achievements?

Listing your achievements can be very beneficial. You should list all major awards you have received, especially ones that can relate to the job you are applying for.

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A list can be found by clicking on the link below. There are no major professional sports leagues in Virginia.

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What are the achievements of the Ancient Chinese Dynasty?

list the achievements of the Chinese dynasties

Who are the top 50 in career RBIs in Major League Baseball?

Click on the 'MLB Career RBI Leaders' link on this page to view a list of the career RBI leaders in MLB.

Who are the 15 presidents of the Philippines with their achievements?

You can find a list of the 15 Philippine presidents online. Each will come with a list of their achievements.

What is your achievements and failures?

When asked what your achievements and failures are, do not list many failures. List achievements that are relevant to the job, such as completing a task early or getting a client that no one else could get.

List of job skills for business career?

list of jobs skills for business career

How do you answer 'What are your previous job achievements' in a job interview?

1) List your major achievements in past positions most similar to job you are applying for. 2) Then list YOUR skills most directly responsible for those achievements. 3) Determine the top 3 most important skills required in THE POSITION you are applying for. 4) Provide interviewer the 2 or 3 achievements tied to your skills that match the skills required for the position you are applying to.

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