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She might be because Kane is really protecting Lita.

Well its basically a 50/50. take one side she was forced to marry Kane and on the other he saved her from snitsky breaking litas neck

Are you for real, she is not into Kane, edge is the man for her.

i think so because when snicky tried breaking her neck she was scared but she gave a small smile to Kane

The marriage itself was fake and there is no real love or marriage at all.It was done to entertain the fans.

I'm pretty sure she's still dating Matt, who was released today 04-12-05, but no word as to marrying Kane, check for updates on, which is not my site, but as to my opinion, no.

In the plot line she is, in real life no she loves Matt

Acually, Lita cheated on Matt with Adam Copeland (Edge), then one of Matt's friends wrote the whole thing on the internet, this caused Matt's release, I believe the WWE handled this very poorly, not only did his long-term girlfriend cheat on him, but he also gets released.

No its probaly just entertaiment if i was Lita i would Mary Matt Hardy or Jeff Hardy lol but that's just me Team Extreme RULES.

NO,she will decive him

lita is never gonna love Kane she still loves Matt hardy remember in the wedding she said i will always love Matt hardy

lita just turned her back on Kane and hepled edge win the goldrush compotion

Lita doesnt REALLY love Kane its just one of WWE's sope apra story lines. In real life,Lita was cheating on Matt with Edge while Matt was rehabing his knee. Bcuz WWE was afraid of what might happen if Matt,Edge,and Lita where all working 2gether they fired the least important person at the time, Matt Hardy.He was the least important person bcuz at the time edge was a contender for the world title, and Lita was a contendar for the womens title.

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Q: Lita love Kane so much so going to have a baby by Kane?
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Did Lita love Kane?


On WWE when and how did edge and lita breck up?

Kane took Lita and convinced her to sleep with him, in exchange, Edge would not be beaten to a pulp. This eventually led to the pregnancy angle, the wedding, Kane's turn, and the death of the baby via Snitski's "it wasn't my fault" angle. nononono lita went out with Matt and Kane kidnapped lita because Kane loved her and lita pretended to love him and evantually Kane forces lita to marry him but she hated him and still loved Matt and Matt proposes to lita and she says yes but matts best friend edge started going out with lita and then Matt finds out he staryts hating edge and falls out with lita so lita starts going out with edge and tehy get married and Kane gets really mad and tortures lita and edge and then like 1 or 2 years later edge and lita break up and edge stays in wwe but lita leaves there is the real thing that happened i should know i watch it ohh and lita becomes pregnant to Kane and pretends to Matt it is his and the baby died because snitsky and Kane where having a match and lita came to ringside and went in the way of the match and Kane walked over to her and was talking to her when snitsky came up behind Kane and smacked Kane over the back with a steelchair and Kane lands on top of lita and she gets rushed to hospital. oh and edge wasnt going out with lita at thepregnancy point so get your facts right and you ovissley don't know hardly anything about wwe

Is Kane in love with Lita?

No it was just a storyline.

Does Kane love lita?

No,it was just a storyline.

Was Kane in love with Lita?

No. It was just a storyline

Did lita really love Kane?

No,it was just a storyline.

Do lita and Kane love each other?

Not in real life. It was just a storyline.

Do Matt Kane and Edge all love Lita?

No.... WWE wanted edge to be with maryse because they were both from Canada but he had a crush on lita so he wanted he wanted her. That's a storyline. Then you have Kane who as you know likes girls like lita so you know how Kane is.. That's not a storyline. Then Matt who actullay loves lita so that's not a story line. The Matt and lita spiltin appart is a storyline!

Is Lita starting to love Kane?

No she is not.If she was kanes brother the undertaker would have been very angry

Why did WWE diva lita retire?

Lita ended up going on reality t.v shows such as Rock of Love, etc.She was the winner of Rock of love but im not sure which season it was.

Do you think Lita has become cold hearted since betraying Kane or that she loves any of these men?

Cold-Hearted LitaOf course she became cold-hearted when she betrayed Kane. Does she really love any of these men? Look at how things with Matt went. To be honest, she said she loved Matt and look at what she did. She might actually really love Edge because if she did not whe would be with the next fallen victim. What Trish said about Lita was true. Lita is a kiss of death. First of all, when she was with Matt, his career ended with a brutal injury from Kane at their wedding. When she was with Kane, his windpipe and neck broken by Gene Snitsky and was out a very long time. Her last victim before she retired, Edge, he got a side effect off the stage the same as Matt did. Lita just stood there looking like the stupid rat that she is.

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Who does Matt hardy love?

I think that Matt in still deeply in love with lita,but likes maria. July 2010 No he is not still in love with Lita but they are friends, and the deal with him and Maria was storyline for the show only

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i think that Danity Kane are in love with Max Jarosz

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Kane I have pictures of him all over my room!!!!!!

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yes they love each other

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Is danity Kane in love with max jarosz?

No. but i am.

Does lita have brothers and sisters?

Yes, Lita does have a younger brother named Billy. Many people feel Billy has a striking resemblance to professional boxer Carl Froch. Both Billy and Lita are extremely close and love all types of sports and music.

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