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Generally two same things. The Literature found in the Philippines are generally called Philippine Literature.

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Q: Literature of the Philippines and Philippines literature?
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Forms of literature?

what are the kinds of literature ------------------------------------ philippines literature

What are the examples of Philippines literature?

fire example of the philipine literature

What are the characteristics of modern period in Philippines literature?

The characteristics of modern period in Philippines' literature include wisdom, idealism, endurance and courage. The Philippines' literature has evolved from the rich culture.

What are the literature's of region 9 Philippines?

There are several types of literature in region 9 in the Philippines. Some of the reading literature is The Flood Story and The Cemetery Keeper.

What is the literature of region 2 in the Philippines?

The Philippines are broke up into different regions, and the literature from each reason is different. The literature of Region 2 is known as Ibanag.

What are the different definition of Philippine literature?

I suppose, either: 1. Literature written about or set in the Philippines. 2. Literature written by residents of the Philippines or the decendants of residents of the Philippines. 3. Literature which highlights Filipino culture or customs. 4. Literature in which the main characters are Filipinos, or 5. Literature written in Tagalog or another Filipino language.

What is the difference of local literature to a foreign literature?

Local literature is from the region the reader is, and foreign literature is from another region. If one is living in the United States, literature from the U.S. would be local, and literature from say the Philippines.

What is the history of Philippine Literature?

The literature of the Philippines was started with fables,and legends of prehistory and others.

What are the different genres of Philippines Literature?

The genres of Philippine Literature are fiction and non-fiction.

What was the nature of Philippine literature before the Spaniards arrive in the Philippines?

Philippine literature is not a nature

Epic of bidasari in Philippines literature?

There are 25 epics in the philippines

What is the nature of literature?

The nature of the Philippine literature is that it is very rich. The Philippine literature includes the legends of prehistory and the colonial legacy of the Philippines.

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