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Little Mermaid characters?


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Character in movie:: voice by {small description of animated character}

Ariel:: Jodi Benson {The "Little Mermaid"}

Prince Eric:: Christopher Daniel Barnes {Human Sailor, Ariel's love interest}

Scuttle:: Buddy Hackett {Crazy Bird that teaches Ariel about humans}

Flounder:: Jason Marin {Blue and yellow fish who goes on adventures w/ Ariel but is typically always scared}

Sebastian:: Samuel E. Wright {Crab who is King Triton's adviser, follows Ariel}

Ursula:: Pat Carroll {Octopus woman, Witch who is Ariel's antagonist}

Flotsam & Jetsam:: Paddi Edwards {Ursula's sidekicks, two eels}

Triton:: Kenneth Mars {King of the merpeople, Ariel's father}

Chef Louis:: Rene Auberjonois {Human chef for Prince Eric}

Grimsby:: Ben Wright {Prince Eric's adviser, old man}

Carlotta:: Edie McClurg {Woman who helps Ariel get settled in Prince Eric's castle, maid}

Seahorse:: Will Ryan {Announces King Triton, coral/orange colored seahorse}