Liver disease caused by drinking heavily for many years?

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Alcoholic hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver. Up to 35 percent of heavy drinkers develop alcoholic hepatitis. Symptoms may include loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and tenderness, fever and jaundice. In its mild form, alcoholic hepatitis can last for years and will cause progressive liver damage. The damage may be reversible if you stop drinking. In its severe form, the disease may occur suddenly, after binge drinking, and it can quickly lead to life-threatening complications. Alcoholic cirrhosis is the most serious type of alcohol-induced liver disease.Cirrhosis refers to the replacement of normal liver tissue with scar tissue. Between 10 and 20 percent of heavy drinkers develop cirrhosis, usually after 10 or more years of drinking. Symptoms of cirrhosis are similar to those of alcoholic hepatitis. The damage from cirrhosis is not reversible, and it is a life-threatening disease. Your condition may stabilize if you stop drinking. Many heavy drinkers will progress from fatty liver to alcoholic hepatitis and finally to alcoholic cirrhosis, though the progression may vary from patient to patient. The risk of developing cirrhosis is particularly high for people who drink heavily and have another chronic liver disease such as viral hepatitis C.
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How many diseases are caused by microorganisms?

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Liver disease caused by alcohol?

Liver disease can be caused by alcohol. Usually this type of liver disease is known as "alcoholic liver disease", or when it has progressed to end-stage, "alcoholic cirrhosis". This is a condition whereby the hepatocytes (liver cells) have ended up storing the excessive amounts of sugar consumed (fr ( Full Answer )

How many drinks can the liver remove in an hour?

The metabolic and absorption rates of alcohol vary based on factorsof body weight, sex, genetics and the effects of eating. The goingrule is that for an adult the liver can cope with one drink, asdefined by a shot, a can of beer, or a glass of wine, per hour.This is not to suggest that indefinite co ( Full Answer )

What causes liver disease?

Certain drugs taken excessively, alcohol in excess, genetic predisposition, viruses that cause hepatitis. cancer is 1 :D

How many diseases can a cigarette cause?

heart disease . cancers of the lung, larynx, oral cavity, and esophagus . chronic bronchitis . emphysema . chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Can chlamydia cause liver disease?

Chlamydia doesn't cause liver disease per se, but can cause symptoms around the liver. Sometimes if a woman has chlamydia-related PID, she can get inflammation around the liver, called FitzHugh Curtis syndrome. This can be mistaken for gallbladder disease.

What is the liver disease caused by drinking too much alcohol called?

Cirrhosis of the liver. That is when alcohol causes scarring of the liver which interferes with its functioning. It causes fluid buildup around the liver, pain, toxic blood chemistries, and eventually death. It is a very tough way to die. Alcoholism is not the only cause. Infectious hepatitis is als ( Full Answer )

What causes liver diseases?

Hepatitis microbes, alcohol in excess over time, tropical diseases, genetic problems, immunosuppressive problems, drug abuse (legal and illegal), side effects from drugs, bacterial and viral problems can all damage the liver and cause liver disease.

How many diseases does smoking cause?

Smoking causes both symptoms and diseases. Here is a list of symptoms: - yellow teeth -lung cancer -black blood cells -addiction -drained,pale face -bags under eyes, feeling tired -stress Here is a list of diseases: Heart disease COPD Lung Cancer ( Full Answer )

Can fat sparing area in liver cause a disease?

I believe a fatty liver can cause disease but it could be from something controllable. It sounds like you're leaving out info needed to accurately answer your question.

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Can liver be caused by not drinking enough water when taking medication?

Yes, some medications can cause liver damage whether taken with ample water, when indicated, or not. It is a good idea to read the instructions provided for each medication taken. Some medications require food, and some require a considerable amount of water. . Most medications cause at least som ( Full Answer )

What does drinking do to your liver?

It kills the normal cells and replace them with scar tissue and fatty cells that cannot perform the function of the normal liver cells. The liver is like a laboratory, it processes chemicals that enter the body, makes useful particles of useful nutrients, and gets rid of bad things your body canno ( Full Answer )

What is the prognosis of 75 year old man who's been drinking alcohol heavily for 20 years and now has symptoms of enlarged liver bruising loss of appetite and a lot of weight extreme lethargy?

Liver Swelling due to Alcohol Treatment . In order to avoid further damage to the liver, treatment for alcoholic hepatitis requires complete abstinence from alcohol. Mild alcoholic hepatitis may not require additional treatment. A person with moderate to severe alcoholic hepatitis must avoid medic ( Full Answer )

Can a person get cirrhosis of the liver after 10 years of not drinking?

Yes. Drinking doesn't automatically cause cirrhosis and stopping drinking does not automatically prevent you from getting cirrhosis; ten year's down the line, your cirrhosis may not be alcohol related (there are many other potential causes of cirrhosis). Or, there is the possibility that up to te ( Full Answer )

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What are the diseases caused by drinking water?

Depends on the quality of the water. Reasonably pure water won'tgive you any diseases unless you drink it by the bucketloads. hepatitis A, cholera, typhoid and diarrhea are some diseases causedby drinking POLLUTED water

Which diseases can you get in your liver?

There are over 100 known forms of liver disease caused by a variety of factors. They affect anyone from infants to older adults. Examples are: . Cirrhosis . Any of the hepatitis infections . Liver cancer . Liver flukes . Hemochromatosis . Reye syndrome . Wilson disease . Primary biliary ( Full Answer )

What disease is caused by drinking polluted water?

Most common pollutants that affect humans are lead and mercury . Worst diseases that can get in even city water are cryptosporidium and giardia.Well water can be even more contaminated. General recommendation is to test well water once a year , but I would suggest twice. A filter system that provide ( Full Answer )

Can liver disease cause anemia?

Of course it can. Remember absorbed vitamine B12 from the gut forms B12+transcobalamin II complex in the blood ? And your liver has to produce special transporters for this complex before your bone marrow can use the B12+transcobalamin II complex in making red blood cells. So liver disease reduces t ( Full Answer )

A liver disease that may be caused by smoking?

Liver diseases really can't be caused solely from smoking. However, it's very common for people with liver disease (Like say, cirrhosis in heavy drinkers) to have their condition exacerbated by smoking. So, while smoking cannot CAUSE a liver disease, it can make existing ones much worse.

Does drinking soda cause gum disease?

You cannot say that it causes gum disease, but you might be able to say that it contributes to it because of the acidic nature of soda.

How does heroin cause liver disease?

sort of like alcoholism it causes the liver to work harder than it should if you use heroin like a mad man, it can cause a disease if used incorrectly

What diseases cause liver pain?

There can be many various reasons why people experience liver pain. You may have liver disease, which is a serious illness, and should consult your doctor.

Does drinking alcohol cause liver pain?

Liver pain is very rare, but can happen as a result of liver damage from excessive alcohol, yes. Liver damage usually has little or no symptoms, though, so if you feel you are drinking heavily on a regular basis then it may be wise to get seen by a doctor.

How long does it take for the liver to heal after years of heavy drinking?

It depends on how badly liver function was affected to begin with; after many years of heavy drinking, it is unlikely that highest levels of liver functioning will be attained. However, it should at least be possible to get back to a "low normal" level of liver function. Although the liver does " ( Full Answer )

Does drinking antifreeze cause liver problems or hepatitis?

Yes. Any chemical "toxin" can cause damage to your liver, or Hepatitis which means inflammation of the liver due to in your case Toxic Hepatitis `secondary to ingesting Antifreeze. Antifreeze has the chemical Ethylene Glycol in it. I would not suggest drinking any of it, as you will have more proble ( Full Answer )

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What things cause fatty liver disease?

Fatty liver disease can be caused by many different things. Some of these things include a poor diet or malnutrition, or over exposure to drugs and alcohol.

How can disease spread when it heavily rains?

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What are the causes of fatty liver disease?

Although health professionals do not know for certain what causes a fatty liver, correlated data suggests that malnutrition, medical side effects, and rapid weight lost play a key role in the disease.

Can liver disease cause allergic reactions in your body?

Liver disease does not cause allergic reactions in your body. Youget severe type of itching in liver diseases. This is due toelevated Bilirubin levels. This itching is not relieved by antiallergic drugs. How this happens is probably not known, exactly.