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Locate sparkplugs on Kia 2001 sportage?

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May 05, 2007 8:59PM

To locate the spark plugs, firstly remove the Black & Silver plastic cover plate on top of engine (only serves purpose of prettying up engine bay)once removed you will see the recessed holes along centre of engine block, the spark plugs are located down the bottom of the holes (yes another GREAT idea from KIA) to remove them you will need a spark plug socket and a long arm/extension fitted to ratchet handle, and possibly if the spark plugs don't come out after unscrewing you will need a long spring grab/claw tool, grab tool also helps guiding them down the holes for replacing(any auto shop will have these). Everything has to be difficult on these cars, another money grab from KIA, making people such as you and me having to take to their service centres and pay for fancy showrooms.