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Location of 2006 Chevy 4.2 L trailblazer cam sensor?


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2008-09-13 23:59:15

front left of engine facing radiator.

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Come to our forum and ask there. I do not know about a steering wheel position sensor.

Have a mechanic test the fuel sensor circuit. Likely the sensor has gone bad and will require replacement.

In front of the air cleaner, on the air induction system.

A 2006 trailblazer has 2 struts in the front and 2 shocks in the rear

It's on the back side (closest to the firewall side) of the air intake tube. Just before it goes into the resonator box that says Vortec 4200. All the answers for your Trailblazer at our enthusiasts forum.

The Trailblazer SS was first introduced in 2006.

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If your Trailblazer is a 4x4 the switch should be to the left of the radio on the dash.

It is behind the starter. You will have to remove the starter to see are to even get to it.

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Drivers side at the top of transmission

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The PCV valve on a 2006 Chevy Trailblazer is located on the top, left side of the engine. It allows gases which are built up in the engine to be recirculated.

The bolt pattern on a Trailblazer is 6X5. It is odd and I do not think it is the same as the Avalanche. Trailblazer enthusiasts forum

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it is built in the fuel pump in gas tank

It is on the intake air tube facing the firewall close to where the tube joins the Vortec 4200 resonator box. All the answers are at our enthusiasts website ........

The 2002-2006 Chevy Trailblazer 4.3L requires 7 quarts of oil.

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