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Antarctica is at the southern polar end of the world. You can find the South Pole there, at 90 degrees South Latitude.

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Q: Location of Antarctica?
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Why is Antarctica colder than Texas?

Antarctica is polar; Texas is closer to the equator. It's all in location, location, location.

Location that starts with an a?


What direction is aurstralia from Antarctica?

Every location on earth is north of Antarctica.

Name one point of absolute location in antarctica?

One point of absolute location in Antarctica is 90 Degrees S, which happens to be the location of the South Pole.

What direction is New Zealand from Antarctica?

Every location on earth is north of Antarctica.

Is Brazil north of Antarctica?

Yes, every location on earth is north of Antarctica.

Is Antarctica the deadliest place?

Antarctica, and any extreme cold location, can be deadly.

Why was Antarctica inhabitted?

It was inhabited so that research could be done on Antarctica at a convenient location.

Is it pretty in Antarctica?

Some say Antarctica is the most exotic and beautiful location on earth.

Can you use a TV in Antarctica?

Yes, but there is no TV signal in Antarctica from any other location.

Location of southern ocean?

above Antarctica

What is the continent location of the Beardmore Glacier?


What is the location of a Antarctica in terms of latitude?

You can find Antarctica south of 60 degrees S latitude.

Where is Antarctica is location?

Antarctica - is the land mass covered by ice & snow - situated at the south pole.

Why does Antarctica have such a cold dry climate?

Location, location, location is the answer you want. Antarctica is polar, lacking sunlight for about half of the year, and the water cycle is seriously interrupted by the ice sheet that covers 98% of the continent.

What is the relative location of Antarctica?

The southern part of the world

What is a frogs location?

Frogs live anywhere but Antarctica.

What is the absolute location of mcmurdo Antarctica?

The coordinates for McMurdo Station in Antarctica are 77.8500° S, 166.6667° E.

Is new zealand north or south of antarctica?

Every location on earth is north of Antarctica, including New Zealand.

Where is Antarctica located and why?

Antarctica is located in the middle of the Southern Hemisphere. As to why, the answer is the same for the location of all continents, and there is speculation as to the why of these locations.

The location of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition?

in antarctica down south

Where is Trollviekja in Antarctica?

There does not seem to be any location on Earth with this name.

What is believed to be the location of erebus?

It's on Ross Island in Antarctica.

What location is penguins mainly found?

antarctica, there are no penguins in the arctic

What is the science center in Antarctica called?

All science centers in Antarctica are preceded by a [location name] Research Station. Location names can be Palmer, Davis, McMurdo, Scott Base and so forth.