Location of Mongolia?

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The location would be Central Asia. Under Russia and Above China.

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What is the relative location for ulaanbaatar Mongolia?

North east mongolia

What is the relative location of Mongolia?

Mongolia borders China and Russia. Russia being North of Mongolia and China being South.

What is the relative location of Beijing China?

south of Mongolia

Gobi desert location?

Parts of China and Mongolia.

Why is Mongolia called outer Mongolia?

We call them in that way because by the time the Mongolia divided into Chinese inner Mongolia(colon of China) and Republic of Mongolia(independent) the one Mongolia was innerly located and the outer Mongolia was in the outer direction!!So to separate them we call it one outer and inner by their location.

What is the relative location for Mongolia?

It is somewhere in between China & Russia.

How would you Describe china's relative location?

China is surronded by Mongolia,

What is the location of the gobi desert?

It stretches through China and parts of Mongolia.

What is the exact location of Mongolia?

Mongolia is a landlocked country in East and Central Asia. It borders Russia to the north and People's Republic of China to the south, east and west.

What is the absolute location of Mongolia?

47 55 N latitude 106 53 E longitude

How do you think Mongolia geographical location influenced its political history?

Since Mongolia lies between Russia and China, and both countries enbraced communism,Mongolia had to be impacted by its neighbors.Its railway station feeds into both Russia's and China's system. Correctamondo dude

Is Mongolia and Mongolia the same?

Yes, Mongolia and Mongolia are both the exact same word.

Great Wall of China location?

Northern China, south of Mongolia (as well as some more inland places).

Which regions are named for the directional location?

In the United States, regions named for their directional location include Northwest, Southwest, Midwest, Northeast, and Southeast. Outside of the United States, some regions include Northern Mongolia, Southern Mongolia, North Korea, South Korea, North Ireland, and Northern Cyprus.

What is the descriptive name of Mongolia?

The People's Mongolia or Outer Mongolia

Why did Genghis Khan invade Mongolia?

He did not invade Mongolia. He found Mongolia.

What former kingdom does China rule now?

Mongolia Mongolia Mongolia

What country is in inner Mongolia?

Inner Mongolia? There is no such thing as inner mongolia. Mongolia is a country itself! Look at the map!!!

What makes Mongolia unique?

Mongolia is unique because Mongolia has the Gobi Desert and Mongolia is the place where Genghis Khan was born.

What is the another name for Mongolia?

Mongolia has also been known as "Outer Mongolia".

What is the full name of Mongolia?


What is the old name of Mongolia?


Where is the Mongolia plateau located?

In mongolia

Relative location of china?

China is found on the continent of Asia. It is bordered by North Korea, Mongolia, the Pacific Ocean, and the Yellow Sea.

Why is there an inner and outer Mongolia?

Mongolia was divided into two parts hundreds of years ago. There are many reasons for it. Inner and Outer Mongolia. Inner Mongolia is part of china now and Outer Mongolia nowadays is the Independent country Mongolia.

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