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Location of both oxygen sensors - 94 Ranger XLT 4.0 Automatic?


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They are either in the outlets of the exhaust manifolds or in the exhaust pipes close to the engine


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My 1995 Ford Explorer with 4.0 L OHV has 2 oxygen sensors (Helpfull)

Wher are the oxygen sensors located on a 2001 rx300 Lexus SUV

If you are looking for the oxygen sensor, I don't know the exact location, but all oxygen sensors are located on the exhaust. Start looking from the manifold and follow the exhaust. They just screw into the exhaust pipes. Some are located on or close to the cadylac converter.

The oxygen sensors on all vehicles are uasually located before and after the catalitic converter to monitor your emisions ! Good Luck !

I'm not a mechanic / technician but on a 1988 Ford Ranger there might be ( 1 ) oxygen sensor ( upstream sensor )

There is only one and it is screwed in to the catalytic converter on the pass side of the engine.

There are four oxygen sensor in a Maxima 2001. See for a diagram location.

According to the engine wiring schematic in my Chilton book : For a 1999 Ford Ranger , 4.0 liter EFI , V6 engine : ( there are 3 oxygen sensors )

There are 2 heated exhaust gas oxygen sensors , 1 screwed into the outlet on each exhaust manifold on a 1993 Ford Ranger 4.0 L .

A 49 state emission engine has 2 sensors, a California state emissions systems has 4 sensors.

My Chilton repair manual engine wiring schematic shows ( 3 ) - 2 would be for air / fuel ratio and the 3rd would be a catalyst monitor

The oxygen sensors on a 2004 Toyota Corolla are located within the exhaust manifold. They constantly monitor oxygen levels in the exhaust and allow the engine to make adjustments accordingly.

They are located on the exhaust right before the cats.

there should be 3/1 on the left header then 2 going back

Four cylinder engine? 2 sensors, one before the cat and one after.

There are a number of oxygen sensors on the 1997 Cadillac STS. These are found on the firewall, inside the exhaust manifold, and behind the catalytic converter depending on the engine model.

I was looking in my Chilton book at the engine wiring schematic for a 1993 Ford Ranger 2.3 liter 4 cylinder and I only see ( 1 ) heated oxygen sensor

in the exhaust pipe just below manifolds

On each of the exhuast manifolds right behind the convertor

Diesels do not use oxygen sensors

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