Longest winning streak at jeopardy?

On June 02 2004 a wise man got his first, in a long string of Jeopardy wins. From a humble background in Utah as a software engineer, Ken Jennings took his first step in setting the world's longest Jeopardy win streak. He was finally beaten November 30 2004 by Nancy Zerg, of Ventura, Ca. after winning 74 games in a row. He lost after missing this final Jeopardy question: Most of this firm's 70,000 seasonal white-collar employees work only four months a year. His answer was: What is Federal Express? The correct answer was: What is H&R Block? Ken Jennings set many Jeopardy and game show records along the way and here are a few: Games played: 75 Game win streak 74 Total winnings: $2,520,700.00 + $2,000.00 consolation prize for finishing second. Highest 1 day win: $75,000.00 Largest winning margin: $73,200.00