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Looking for a way to repair a crack on a aluminum oil pan for a 97 aurora?

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Aluminum CAN be welded, but you'll need to remove the pan. That may require partially removing the engine. Pull the pan and have it welded. Suggest it might be cheaper to replace it. A shade-tree type solution is to use a metal-reinforced epoxy (like J-B Weld), but the area to be repaired must be free of contaminants & have the surface roughed up to provide "teeth" for adhesion. My teenage son took my '97 4-wheeling & put three cracks in the pan. I drained the oil, let it set for a few days to allow as much as possible to seep out, Vee'd the cracks with a tapered stone on a dremel tool, cleaned the areas with lacquer thinner, and slathered on the epoxy. Two years now & no problems so far!

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