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Made between 1936 and 1945
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What is the age and value of a Winchester Model 94 3030 serial number 2890546?

Answer . \nThe year of manufacture for serial number 2890546 is 1965. \n. \nConventional wisdom is that '94s (and others) manufactured after 1964 are not collectibles (I have a gorgeous '65 that I love to shoot just for fun (and to reduce the deer population). \n. \nTypically, a '65 will go for ( Full Answer )

What is age of Marlin 1893 3030 serial number B 7411?

Answer . Serial number records for Marlins built after 1906 are not recorded. At WWI Marlin Firearms Co. was sold, and again after WWI, so serial numbers were started over, with prefix letters. Your gun could be from anywhere between 1922, and 1935, but with the B prefix, and tang marking of "Mod ( Full Answer )

What information is available about a Marlin Model 47 pump action 22 serial number 42xx?

Answer . \nThe model 47 is a very unique Marlin. It was introduced around 1930, and the only way to get one was to buy 4 shares of Marlin preferred stock for $100, then the gun was free!\nThe model 47 was identical to the model 20 Marlin, except for the case colored receiver, and checkered butts ( Full Answer )

When was the Marlin Limited Edition Model 3082 US Calvary Commemorative in 3030 manufactured and what is its value in mint condition?

Answer . \nAs the model number indicates, the 3082 was made in 1982. It was commissioned by Oklahoma Tire and Supply Co., and it should have a 2T prefix to the serial number.\nThese OTASCO guns were made with the lesser quality birch stocks, and even in mint condition don't bring any more than s ( Full Answer )

What is the age of Marlin 3030 model 30A serial 20195318?

Answer . The ser.# you gave is a higher number and is best answered by Marlin Manufacturing, so you need to contact them at their address. Unless you can find someone that has a bluebook on Ser# and corrisponding years it's hard to give a value. However the gun was made 1984 to date, and dependin ( Full Answer )

What is the age and values of a savage 3030 model number 99 and serial number 382153?

This firearm was made in 1938. As to value, more information is needed. The exterior finish condition and whether or not the firearm is factory original (unmodified) is used as the basis for determining it value. This assumes the gun is in good working condition. Although the 30-30 is one of the lea ( Full Answer )

What information is available on the Marlin 32 caliber Winchester lever action model 92 serial number 383134?

Answer . The Marlin model 92 was never chambered for .32 Winchester! It was chambered for the .32 Long, which is very similar (and interchangeable with) the .32 Long Colt. Marlin 92's were sold with both rimfire and centerfire firing pins and could shoot .32 Long RF or .32 Long CF. by changing t ( Full Answer )

What year was this made Marlin 3030 model 3083?

I happen to have the same rifle. I have been looking for worth and owners manuals for the gun and the only info i can find on the gun is it was made in 1983.

What is a marlin 336 RC 3030?

A Marlin 336 RC .30-30 is a tube fed, centerfire lever action rifle (carbine) made by Marlin Firearms. The 336 is normally considered a "brush gun" used for hunting animals like deer, black bear and wild hogs at close range in wooded areas. The 336 is an "improved" model of the 1893 Marlin and has b ( Full Answer )

Is there any information on a Marlin Model 18?

By the guide I use, Marlin made a "Model 18 Baby Slide-Action Repeater" from 1906-09. It was a .22cal. LR, Long Short. The tubular mag held 14 short cartridges. It had a 20" barrel that could have been round or octagon. My book lists them from $180 in good condition to $350 perfect. Hope this is wha ( Full Answer )

Where is Marlin model 60 serial number?

The Model 60 has been made since 1960. Serial numbers were not required until 1968. As a general rule, serial numbers are located on the receiver.

Looking for a parts diagram for my marlin model 60?

http://www.e-gunparts.com/model_new.asp?catID=11746 Just scroll down and select either new or old model. They are almost the same but make sure you select the right one to avoid problems.

What is a Marlin 1969 model Glenfield 3030 with a small JM on the barrel worth is it rare?

the Glenfield name used on the marlin rifle was for mass-merchandisers and chain stores that wanted brand name products to sell. this model you have was made by marlin from 1966-1970. marlin made two variations of this rifle, the change coming in 1969. it should have impressed checking on stock and ( Full Answer )

What is the age of a 3030 marlin with jm on the barel?

The age can be determined by subtracting the first two numbers from 100 e.g. 100-29=71. this link is more detailed in that it also gives the letter dates. http://www.marlinowners.com/forums/index.php/topic,495.0.html The jm on the barrel is the Marlin proofmark that the rifle has been factory test ( Full Answer )

Looking for a marlin model 3365c?

Internet firearms auction sites will be your best bet followed by your local gun store and gun show.

Any one know what the value of a 3030 Winchester model 94 lever action number 2700000 might be Also any other information on it Believe it was the first serial number for the post 64 model 94?

\nI believe you're right about the serial number being assigned to the first post 64. \nI have no idea what it's value might be and I doubt even the best of appraisers could give you more then a guess. \nIt's certainly a noteworthy item, but in the eyes of a collector it represents a black day in Wi ( Full Answer )

Parts for marlin model 93 3030?

You may want to try Wisners and Brownells. Both of these companies have websites and limited parts. The 1894 and 1895 used the same parts as the model 93.. Except for some of the spring designs which is what you are probably looking for. I went throught the same effort as I recently inherited a mode ( Full Answer )

Where is the serial number on the marlin model 57m?

the Marlin Model 57M (.22 Magnum) was produced from 1959 to 1969. Since most .22 rimfire rifles had no serial numbers prior to the Gun Control Act of 1968, it would have been produced prior to 1968 if it has no serial number.

What is value of revalation model 3030?

Western Auto did have 30-30 rifles made under their Revelation brand name, but none were Model 3030. If you can repost with the Model number, we may be able to get you a good answer. Sorry-

Where is the serial number on a marlin model 56?

Some Marlin Model 56 did not have a stamped serial number. The Firearms Control Act of 1968 required serial numbers to be stamped on weapons and since the Model 56 began production in 1955 it was not required. While Marlin did stamp some, they discontinued the practice saying it was non productive.

How much is a model 1894 3030 Winchester with serial number 247987 worth?

Your winchester model 1894 rifle which was made in 1902,could bring between 350-3,000 dollars depending on the amount of original finish remaining on the wood and metal,and a good bore.These prices also reflect if your rifle has any special order features such as special wood,checkered wood,octagon ( Full Answer )