Oldsmobile Regency

Loose steering on an 84 0lds regency?

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What is bolt size power steering pump 84 olds regency?

they should be either 13 mm or 1/2 in. .

Can you use a 84 gm truck steering column on a 82?

YES you can.

Where is the fusebox 84 Oldsmobile cutlass?

under the steering column above the brake pedal

How do you fix a loose wobbly tilt steering column on an 84 LeSabre Limited?

I`m not sure if it`s the same but way down into the steering wheel just past the turn signal switch, there are 4 tork type bolts that come loose. On my 86 jimmy I could only get to two of them but I super glued the threads and tightened them back up and that did the trick. I read where only the two are usually all you need to get re tightened. It worked great for me.

Where do you check cluth fluid on a 84 Toyota van?

It's next to the Steering Wheel when you open the door.

What years and models of GM steering boxes will fit a 1989 Caprice wagon?

I THINK 84 - 89

Where is the power steering pump on a 84 Chevy Caprice?

right under the alternator, just follow the belt down.

Where is the flasher for the 4way hazards located on a 84 F-250?

In side the dash up under the steering wheel.

How do you relief the tension in the power steering belt on a 84 Z28 Camaro?

you have to spin the power steering pump so that the holes in the pulley will give you access to the 15mm nut that's on the inside of the pulley holes

If a 1985 Toyota pickup does not have power steering can power steering be installed if so what parts are needed?

Yes you can install power steering. I have installed it in my 84 pickup. You will need the power steering box and the gear box with hoses. I pulled them off a pickup at a wrecking yard, which is best, since everything is already there and you can see how it is setup.

Can you use STP power steering fluid in a 1984 Mercedes 300d?

I recently used STP in my 84 MB and it worked fine.

Manuel steering on a 1983 camaro?

I converted my power steering equipped 84 Firebird to manual steering by using a manual steering box from a Chevy S10 pick-up. It was a simple bolt in replacement. And of course you have to use a shorter accessory drive belt after removing the pump. Steering effort when car is moving is not bad at all. Parking is another story, especially with 245/50 tires!

How do you tighten the power steering belt on a 1983 delta 88 wv-8 engine?

Hi i have an 84 delta 88 and am trying to tighten the power steering belt as well,I noticed that one bolt for it is through the pully and another behind the pump on the bottem side.I cant seem to break the bottem one loose so im not sure if that's all the bolts or not I will let you know when i get it,Thanks Bill

What type of power steering fluid does a 1984 Volvo 240 use?

It actually uses ATF in the power steering system. I believe Dextron IID was the spec for '84, but fortunately the newer Dexron formulations are backwards compatible.

How do you get clearance from the exhaust or steering components to remove the starter from a 1985 Mercedes 300SD after all the bolts have been removed?

You must take them off. I took mine out of my '84 300 turbo by turning my steering all the way to the right. That gave me enough room to weasel it out between the steering and exhaust.

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How can you write the ratio 63 to 84?


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How do you remove the ignition in an 84 Jeep grand wagoneer in order to replace lost keys?

You must remove the steering wheel. There are some special tool that make this much easier.

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