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it could be that your rear end is boing out and you need to drive carefully or go to an auto shop Check to see if there is a broken suspension link, it connects from the chasis to the rear stabilizer bar, they are cheap to buy and you could possibly install it yourself

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What could be causing the van to shake when driving over 60 mph?

Struts and alignment This typically happens when the the wheel alignment is off.

If your struts have been replaced two times and the mounts have been replaced in the past 4 months and the car rides as if the struts sound old what could the problem be on a 1998 Camry XLE?

were the struts put together right? squeek- possible control arm bushings clunk- spring pads "struts", control arm bushings, swaybar links or sway bar bushings, loose steering parts depending at what speed

What causes a clunk on left turns on your dodge shadow?

Worn CVC joint. Could be bad struts causing the spring to bind. Depends how severe the clunk is. If it is struts, it sounds like the floorboard is getting hit by a sledge hammer.

What could be causing my 1997 Camry to rattle when I drive on rough city roads When turning the problem seems worse I have recently replace the struts and this did not solve the problem.?

My Camry is doing the same thing, I read some where that the bushings between the struts and the fender are worn out. so if you didn't replace the bushing with the struts you might call and ask the dealership about that.

99 dodge grand caravan you replaced the lower radiator hose but it is still leaking where could the leak be coming from?

If a lower radiator hose was replaced on a 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan, but it is still leaking fluid, it could be that there is a hole in the radiator. It could also mean that there is damage to the overflow reservoir or its hoses.

When i hit bumps on road on my 1996 Monte Carlo mycar front i hear a clunking noise on both sides it is not the struts they were replaced what else could it be and how would i check..?

could be the sway bar bushings going bad or if they didn't replace the strut bushings when they replaced the struts it could be them. Try checking the rear subframe bolts. I just had to replace one on my 96 after it had broken the powersteering rack. The driverside bolt was missing, i found it while replacing the rack.

Does a car have both shocks and struts?

It could.

What causes a tire to go out of round?

one possible cause is struts can be weak causing tire to hop up and down when hitting a bump in the road!! And also tire could be out of balance.

Can a car have both shocks and struts?

a car can potentially have both shocks and struts. I don't know how common this is, but a car could have shocks in the front and struts in the back or vice versa. that is, depending on the combination, a car could have both, but I have never seen this.

My 1991 Pontiac sunbird will not turn over what could be causing this I replaced the battery and it still isn't starting?

Have you tried replacing the starter? it also could be the fuel regulator

2000 Jeep Cherokee SE makes nosies when air conditioning is on. How do you fix it Plus you have already replaced the Poly rib belt and serpentine belt tensioner please help?

Have to determine what is causing noise - could be a bad compressor Have to determine what is causing noise - could be a bad compressor Have to determine what is causing noise - could be a bad compressor

2003 Grand Caravan - occasionally hearing a loud thumping sound from underneath the front passenger area - they told me it was the belts and replaced - Now I'm hearing it again - Any ideas?

Do you hear the thumping a certain amount of time after filling the fuel tank? I have noticed that some time after filling up i also hear a thumping sound, it could just be fuel sloshing around in the tank. Have you had the struts replaced this is 03 everyone seems to forget these things need to be replaced too.

What could be the cause of soaked carpet drivers side in a 97 grand am se?

Heater Core for sure. Get this replaced and you will have no more problems.

What could be wrong with your Pontiac Grand Am if the car is making a screeching noise and stops when you apply the breaks?

Could be the wear indicators on the brake pads Last time pads were replaced?

Why would coolant spew out from under the cap of a Jeep Grand Cherokee could it be too full?

It could be but most likely the engine is overheating. Could also be that the cap is not holding pressure and needs to be replaced.

How much to replace front end struts on a 1991 Toyota Previa?

Depends who does it. It could take upto 3 hours of labour and struts start around £65 for gas replacements. Oil filled struts are better but dearer.

Ford explorer radio cuts off while driving?

The radio could have a short in a wire that is being bounced and causing it to turn off. It also could be the radio is going out and should be replaced.

When coolant coming out of 1999 alero from overflow and leaking water pump replaced water pump but still comes out of overflow could it be thermostat?

Could be thermostat not opening causing a back pressure

What could cause sputtering cutting out in a 1993 Plymouth Grand Voyager replaced the fuel pump fuel filter air filter plugs idles great?

could be a vacuum leak

Does it help if you apply oil to a rusted pipe?

No it does not. If one can afford to do so. Get the pipe replaced. Putting oil on it could make the metal supple causing it to burst.

1990 Grand Plymouth Voyager cuts out and dies for no reason then starts afer a couple of cranks- spark plug wires replaced cankshaft sensor and fuel filter replaced?

could be the magnetic pick-up in your distributor, I replaced mine and it solved the problem.

Clunk in your rear end of your 95 ranger when you take off ujoints have been replaced what else could it be?

check the fluid in the rear end it might be dry causing medal to grind causing a clunk noise or the gears in the rear end or worn done causing it to do the same thing

96 Thunderbird has loud clunking noise in front end - replaced struts what else could this be?

It could be a worn ball joint, worn out frount bearings. No mater what it is, have it inspected by a mechantic. I didn't and had a ball joint break and lost a wheel. As luck would have it I was in my driveway at the time.

Replaced new washer pump and it still not working for a wrangler?

If a washer pump was replaced on a Jeep Wrangler and is still not working the fuses should be checked. The washer switch should also be checked as it could also be causing the pump not to work.

98 cavalier 2.2 now you have already replaced the struts front and back but the front of the car makes a squeaking noise when you start moving what could cause that?

Get Some WD40 on the front axle and the back one or check the engine!:P