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Loud clunking noise from engine at idle?

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First thing is to check the timing belt if it is a 4 cylinder model. These are notorious for a slapping or clunking noise as the belt gets a bit loose. This is esp true if the belt has been changed as the spring loaded belt tensioner is anstalled at that time(not used from the factory). Once again I cannot emphasize enough that people need to buy a good Manual for their car as it answers most of their questions.

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What would make a loud noise like a spark when it is running idle?

a firecracker

Your 99 windstar sounds like its pumping something in the engine when its sitting idle and today it made a loud noise and a really bad smell?

Get a new one.

What causes Loud squeaking noise when idle goes away when driving?

loose belts

When does the engine have noise idle rough?

when stopped at red light or when in park

Why is car making a loud screeching noise when starting car or when idle or at stop lights?

you have a bad alternater or belt

Why is my 99' cougar making a loud roaring noise and picks up RPM's when it is cold outside?

It turns out that it was a bad idle air control valve. Right after I replaced it the loud noise stopped. About a hundred dollar fix, it was well worth it!

Your idle is low and makes a hissing noise in the engine and at times shut of?

Vacuum hose leaking.

1999 ford zx2 seems to make a loud noise when stationary but not when you accelerate is it the idle timing belts have been changed and also a tuneup has been done?

Is the loud noise an intermittent squeak? My 1998 ZX2 had a very annoying loud squeak that turned out to be due to the use of the wrong PCV valve. The ZX2 2.0L engine apparently comes in SOHC and DOHC versions and if you use the PCV valve intended for the SOHC engine in the DOHC engine, you will get the squeak. Before I knew this, more than one garage has installed the wrong one on my ZX2.

1997 Lincoln Town Car and every once in a while a loud blowhorn noise comes from the engine compartment It seems to happen when the car is moving slow or or idling at a stop any ideas?

Idle air control motor

You hear a knocking noise that follows engine idle and acceleration what could it mean rocker arm?


How often should you change the timing chain in 1996 Saturn SL1?

When you here a rattling noise from the engine at idle.

Why does your 2 stroke engine make a tapping noise at idle?

Sound like your fuel/air ratio is not correct.

What causes loud humming whirring noise coming from air intake not continuous 2002 Ford F-250?

idle air control valve

Really loud humming noise coming from around air filter in engine compartment on 99 explorer when very hot outside or Air Cond is on?

The Ford Explorer uses an idle speed control valve that allows air to flow thru the idle air passage inside the intake manifold. When this air passage gets clogged up with carbon or grime it restricts the passage & the result is a loud humming / moaning noise. The repair is to remove idle speed control valve & spray carburetor cleaner or intake cleaner thru air passages inside intake manifold & clean or replace idle speed control valve.

What are some examples of engine noise?

Its a loud Knocking sound. sounds like some one is in your engine with a hammer just beating the heck out of the inside of the motor. The Knock is slow at idle then speeds up when the RPMs increase. means Crankshaft bearings are bad and crankshaft is ka put. David G

Engine light on and backfiring on a 1998 Toyota RAV4 what could this be?

1998 rav4 engine wont idle and clacking noise from under timing belt cover

Dodge 318 engine noise knock at idle?

Added info to question: Vacuum also coincidently went from steady 20psi to 15psi/knock - small backfire/miss on acceleration from idle. Knock is steady at idle.

Your Chevy Malibu make a knocking noise coming from the engine in cold temp how can you get this fix?

I have a 1997 Chevy Malibu with 176k on it. Never had a new engine or anything, runs like a champ. It has been making a knocking noise when its cold.(until car is warm) for a long time now. It still makes a little one while at idle, not loud or can even really be heard though.

Humming noise from rear in 2002 corvette Noise present when car in idle and moving does not incr with revving engine?

Have you checked your Exhaust Muffler and pipes ? Probably the fuel pump

You just rebuild your v6 engine.... you noticed it making a ticking noise when at idle but can't hear it when driving may be highway noise. Engine sometimes lacks power but sometimes works fine.?

Have valves adjusted.

What would a bad EGR valve gasket cause?

Extra loud engine sounds. High idle speed. Lean burn condition that could result in engine damage.

What causes a ticking noise in the engine of a 2003 Trailblazer at idle?

Possibly just an adjustment on the rockers. Hydraulic system. Hopefully that's it.

How does an idle control valve work?

The idle control valve works by regulating the idle speed of the engine. The idle speed of the engine is usually controlled by the engine of the computer.

What would make a loud clanking noise at the front of a 92 Buick Century engine when idling that goes away when revved up?

The fan blade may be loose. You can determine this when the engine is off by moving the fan blade by hand or by watching it rotate when the engine is running. if its a real loud then i would check out the harmonic balancer. to check this. with the engine OFF grab the belt and try and move it back and forth if it does and u hear a noise than its the balancer. i had the same problem i fixed it my self saving $$$$$$$, but it was a pain....u need atleast 2 people to fix this. good luck On my 94 Buick Century the water pumb made a loud clanking noise at idle, which would go away when revved up. A day later the water pump seized up and the belt smoked up a storm where it rubbed over the stuck pulley.

Why does your 2001 Mercury Cougar make a loud humming noise?

I had a very loud humming noise coming from my 99' cougar. I talked to many mechanics and nobody knew what it was. I looked it up online and found two sources( listed at bottom) that said it was the idle air control valve. I replaced the part and my car runs great without the horrible loud noise.>;