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I have also put a brand new rack on it the whole suspension is new along with the tires . What is the deal with this nosie?

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Replaced rings honed cylinders replaced crank bearings now crank wont turn when cap nuts are torqued what can you do?

Check for proper bearing clearance. It is easy to get the wrong size bearings.

Can you repack the front hub bearings on a 1998 Z71 Chevy pickup 4x4?

The hub bearings in a 1998 Z71 can not be repacked. The bearings are part of the hub, and the hub assembly will have to be replaced.

Chevy blazer is making loud noise and not wanting to stop correctly is it the ball bearings?

Its not your bearings you idiot its your brakes. Take it in and have them replaced.

Front wheel on the drivers side is leaning outward?

Bad ball bearings. Check to see the bearings and the casing does not need to be replaced.

How do you replace craftsman mower deck spindle bearings?

One can look in the owners manual of the Craftsman mower to learn how to replace the spindle bearings. Another way the spindle bearings can be replaced is to take it to a lawnmower professional.

Can the bearings be replaced in the front hubs on a 2001 1500 dodge 4x4?

No, it is a sealed unit.

Can the bearings on the end of the supercharger that connect to the pulley be replaced by part or does the complete unit need to be replaced?

What manufacturer of super charger, Roots or Centrifical

1994 geo tracker air conditioner pump bearings keeps on squealing?

Either the pump bearings are bad or the ac clutch is going bad. The clutch can be replaced but the pump bearings are not generally cost effective to change.

What causes a front end noise at approximately 25 mph on a 2004 Toyota Sequoia when the front hub bearings and tires have been replaced?

Probably the front hub bearings. I've replaced mine four times. Sounds great after they're replaced, but eventually the hub bearings start whining again. I'm not sure what the root of the problem is, but I'm beginning to suspect it's a design defect.

How do you replace rear wheel bearing on a 2002 Lincoln ls?

I will offer some info. Maybe not 100% accurate. I have had rear wheel bearings replaced on other vehicles. My wife drives a Lincoln LS now. She needs some work done on the rear end along the lines of wheel bearings. When I had my wheel bearings replaced. They had to pul the housing off the rear end. They had to pull the rear axles and drain all the fluids. There were shavings in the fluids. The first time. The dealer did all that and replaced my wheel bearings. New fluid in. One year later. The rear end was going out again. I took it to my mecanic. He told me the dealer should have pulled the axles and replced the bearings as there was still shavings in those bearings. So, he replaced the bearings and I never ever had bearing problems again. If they do not replace the bearings. You wil still have shavings in the axles bearings. I should have known the dealer would not do it right. You would think they would. But no. They did not. That is my story and I am sticking with it. Bill in Edmond Oklahoma

Why does your 2003 Chevy cavilier fan blower motor make noise?

It needs replaced - bearings are out of it.

What does it mean when you drain the oil from a 1990-92 kx80 and there are small bearings in it?

engine bearings failed . do not run engine until bearings have been replaced. (note) count the bearings that came out in the oil and compare that number to the number on your new bearings. any bearings left in the engine can become failed with other parts and harm the engine. Some times, magnets will placed into oil filters.

How to remove trailer wheel bearings?

Jack it up, remove the wheel, pry off the center cap, remove the cotter pin and nut, then pull the bearings out with the hub. Note that some trailer bearings are sealed and replaced as an entire unit.

How much should wheel bearing cost to be replaced on a 99 Saturn?

Cost me $50 for both sides. Bought the bearings off eBay and replaced them myself.

How do you repair the wheel bearings on a 1995 blazer yourself?

In most cases wheel bearings cannot be repaired and must be replaced. Remove the tire and wheel. Remove the axle end cap. Remove the wheel bearing seal. Remove the wheel bearings. Reverse the process to install the new wheel bearings.

Are the wheel bearings on a Chevrolet Malibu pressed?

There are many dissimilar vehicles vehicles out there called Chevrolet Malibu, and front/rear wheel bearings can be different. Is your Malibu FWD or RWD? If fwd: no. The wheel bearings are ball-in-cage type bearings that are an integral part of the hub-and-bearing assembly which must be replaced as a unit. If rwd: maybe. The front wheel bearings are taper bearings held in place by a nut with cotter pin. The rear rear wheel bearings (axle bearings) are in fact pressed into the axle tube.

Can the bearings in a ceiling fan be replaced?

Yes, I have done it. It took about 15mins once it was removed from the ceiling, the fan I fixed required only 2 inexpensive bearings (6202 or 6203 I think).

What cause squeaky sound on and off while air conditioner is running?

bad bearings in it, the compressor, or bearings needs replaced... i just disconnected mine and took the pulley and belt off it.

Are Wheel bearings repacked as an option instead of replacement?

Repacking wheel bearings is part of regular maintanance on vehicles that require such. They are replaced only if needed because of wear or lack of maintanance.

Why would there be pulsation on your brakes after you replaced pads and turned rotors on a 2006 Nissan?


How often do you really need to lubricate the wheel bearings in your automobile?

they never need to be relubricated just replaced

Should i Replace bearings or buy new engine?

It all depends on the bearings that you need to replace! Get some quotes! If it is bearings inside the engine, then the mechanic you go to is going to have pull the engine anyways, so if there are no other problem with your engine but some bearings then i would just have the bearing replaced, but if you have other problems due to the bearings going out, then i would replace the engine. Hope i helped

How do you fix the bearings on a 2002 pt cruiser?

If the engine bearings are bad, then the oil pan will need to be removed to gain access. The engine will probably need to be removed and checked for other damage, as bad bearings can score the crankshaft requiring it to be turned smooth or replaced.

Can the bearings on a 1988 corvette air pump be replaced?

i'm pretty sure they can. just have to find the right store.

How much will it cost to rebuild a 3.0 1992 Toyota motor?

Depends on what you have done. If the engine is in good condition and you are just replacing normal stuff then around 500.00. (This includes changing the main and ournal bearings as well as new rings and valve guides). The valve job itself cost me 250 to complete but I had them check everything and re grind the seats. In my case I had to have the crank shaft replaced and re-hone the engine. Replaced one piston and did a valve job. This cost me around 1700.00 when I was all done. Including everything from spark plugs and wires to a new timing belt.