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Let me guess. You have Power Steering, right? When you turn the wheel all the way to the lock, the power steering pump is still trying to turn it further, which is why the steering feels jerky. You can blow up the pump, or a hose, by holding the wheel against the lock. You won't turn any wider if you let the wheel come back one quarter turn, but you will take the pressure off of the pump.

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What would cause Front suspension system to have excessive steering effort and rapid steering wheel return?

A front suspension system has excessive steering effort and rapid steering wheel return. The most likely cause of this problem is

A front suspension system has excessive steering effort and rapid steering wheel return The most likely cause of this problem is?

The front suspension may have excessive positive camber

Why my Beetle won't start?

The problem is between the steering wheel and front seat backrest...

What would make the front turn signals not work while the back ones do in a 1990 Toyota Camry?

Check bulbs or may be problem in steering column Check bulbs or may be problem in steering column Check bulbs or may be problem in steering column

Is a Chevy Cavalier front or rear steering?

front steering

Steering wheel shakes front wheel problem?

1 of 2 things or both, alignment or balance.

If the front end of your car shakes enough to rattle the steering wheel when stopping What could the problem be?


Your steering wheel wobbles but the car goes straight and happens when brakes are not being applied Tire problem?

Most likely a tire problem or a bent wheel/rim. There is a chance it is due to worn out components in the steering or front suspension.

What is the problem when you hit a bump at higher speeds you get a front tire shimmy for a few seconds?

Probably worn steering and/or suspension parts. Have the front end safety inspected.

How do I fix the power steering on my 2003 Tiburon?

you also need to check if the hose is good located near the front left wheel. Its hard to see but if it seems to be the problem move the steering wheel and you will see were it leeks.

What makes a hard turn left only?

A hard turn in one direction shows a problem in the front end steering. Check all front end components for worn or loos parts.

Suzuki jimny wheel wobble?

If you are referring to the steering wheel wobbling whilst driving along, then you probably have one or both of the front wheels out of balance. If the wheel wobbles at a certain speed then it may be a problem with the front locking wheel hubs or a bearing problem.

What does the word front-end estimation mean?

Front-end estimation means that you estimate from the front of the number. say you're too lazy to work out 183 + 294. 183 becomes 180 and 294 becomes 290. now the problem is 180 + 290. see? much easier!

Why would the passenger front wheel of a 2004 Neon squeak intermittently moreso while turning even though steering feels tight and responsive?

It's probably nothing to do with your steering. Sounds like you could have a bearing problem. Squeaking is usually an indication of vibration, so my educated guess on this would be something is wrong with your passenger side wheel bearing. [added by cilynx] It turned out to be the simple answer: brake pads.

If the steering wheel causes the front wheels to make noise?

the steering wheel wont make the front wheels make noise as there is no generating source from the steering wheel. it will be the other way around.

If the weather becomes stormy for a short time and then becomes colder which type of front has passed?

Warm Front

Power steering pump leaking from 95 camaro But you cannot tell from where?

The pulley shaft front seal is where your leak is, I believe. I hope that takes care of your problem.

When braking the front end of the car shakes?

It is likely a brake rotor has to much run out (warped). There could also be some problem with steering or suspension components.

Why does your cars front end shake?

You may have a wheel balance problem or something wrong with the suspension or steering gear. Take to a shop for check NOW, this is serious.

Where is the power steering resovoir in the 1992 Ford Taurus?

The power steering reservoir is on the power steering pump.Looking from the front of car it is on the passenger side on front of engine. just to the right of the radiator recovery tank.

Ford f 350 diesel 2000 I have quite a bit of freeplay in your steering before it affects the front wheels what can be a problem?

tie rod ends or steering box send it in for a front end alignment they shoud check it out and let you know what all needs to be replaced. Dealer or a good local shop that you trust.

Where are the steering linkages?

Steering linkage is a term used to describe all the components used in the front of your vehicle to turn the wheels. It will all be located in the front of your car.

What could be wrong if a 2001 Chevy cavalier squeaks when turning left?

If the squeeling is coming from the tires, then the problem is most likely a misaligned front end. If the squealing is coming from the engine, then the problem would be in the power steering system.

1998 grand prix shaking at 60 mph in the steering wheel?

It sounds like you either have a problem with your alignment or your front wheels are unbalanced. I also had a similar problem where everything shook because my tires were worn out and out of balance.

Why would the steering wheel sit wrong?

The alignment is miss-set or the front suspension and steering is damaged, OR the steering coloum is broken or damaged