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Is it this one?

I'm Getting Tired So I Can Sleep Lyrics
by . From This is the Army

I'm Getting Tired So I Can Sleep by
Out on a hike all day, dear
Part of the army grind
Weary and long the way, dear
But really I don't mind

I'm getting tired so I can sleep
I want to sleep so I can dream
I want to dream so I can be with you

I've got your picture by my bed
'Twill soon be placed beneath my head
To keep me company the whole night through

For a little while, whatever befalls
I will see your smile till reveille calls

I hope you're tired enough to sleep
And please sleep long enough to dream
And look for me for I'll be dreaming too

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What is the song I only know one line - let me sleep so I can dream of you?

Texas - sleep lyrics

Lyrics to Gently sleep?

sleep gently sleep while father watches the sheep your mother shakes the dreamland trees and finds a dream t you and me sleep gently sleep

When you dream are you getting a good night's sleep?

Yes, the dreaming cycle of sleep comes in the deepest part, so that means you're getting a full cycle, or a good night's sleep.

Can you dream in your sleep?

Yes you can I dream in my sleep all the time.

What does it mean when someone gets lost in a dream?

The expression "lost in a dream" refers to getting caught up in daydreaming and not paying attention to what is happening in the real world. It does not refer to getting lost in a dream that occurs during sleep.

Who sings the song with the lyrics touching all over my body i dream of you when sleep yeah your the one for me your the one for me?

*Try; Dondria - You're the one.

Is it possible to dream about trying to sleep?

Yes, it is possible to dream about trying to sleep.

What do seahorses do in there sleep?

they dream of things or have nightmares or they don't have dream or a nightmare they just sleep

Do you have a dream after you sleep or before?

you have a dream while you sleep. This is why sometimes you don't remember your dreams

What does it mean when you dream about getting married and having a happy family?

This is a wish-fulfillment dream, allowing the dreamer to experience something desired while in the security of sleep.

How do you know when someones in an rem sleep?

You will know when someone is in REM sleep when there eyes-lids are moving really fast back and forward. REM sleep is a sleep that is after your first 4 stages of sleep and is the stage of sleep that you dream.

What is the meaning of the song fall into sleep?

Its about Martin Luther Kings "I have a dream" as quoted in the lyrics, basically decribing the hate and such of the past that pretty much continues on today

Who are the greek gods of sleep and dream?

There is only one god of dream and sleep. His name is Hypnos.

How does dream sleep differ from dreamless sleep?

Dream sleep generally is considered as a good sleep. Dreamless sleep occurs when the person is very much tired. That sleep affects the person in a negative manner.

Who wrote destiny awaits those who dare to dream?

Chempakam is the person believed to have first said 'Destiny awaits those who dare to dream.' It was finished with, 'But to dream you have to go to sleep.'

What is the Vietnamese dream?

Like what kind of dream.... do you mean the dream when they sleep?? or something

What is sleep violence?

sleep violence is when u sleep and u do violence in your dream

Do you sleep well when you dream?

You sleep well in dreams, but in nightmares you do not sleep well.

How can you dream better?

Yes you can reading a book or thinking deeply before you go to sleep which helps you dream better. Close your eyes and think in your bed this will help you dream better and remember your dream. Getting an early nights rest always helps:)

What is a sleep vision?

A dream.

What did Hitler do to achieve his dream?

a hitler will achieve his dream when he sleep

Why do you sometimes dream and sometimes not dream?

Some sleep studies have suggested that we all dream but that we may not remember the dream in the morning. Dreaming occurs in the portion of sleep called the R.E.M. (rapid eye movement). This occurs every time we sleep soundly.

How often do humans dream?

humans dream every 6 hours in there sleep in such notice as i think whenever you sleep or take a nap you dream , but you forget it afterwords.

When you are put to sleep can you dream?

You can't make yourself dream, but you do dream every night. 30% of your sleep is dreaming, that's why you can't usually remember your dreams.

Where can you find lyrics for sleep?

on elyrics .com

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