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Who were the magi?

Answer The magi were priests of the Zoroastrian religion. Perhaps Matthew wanted to show that even the priests of this great religion wanted to worship Jesus. Later, the Zoroastrian connection became less important and many translations now call them "wise men". Other modern interpretations are t ( Full Answer )

What do airplanes do?

Airplanes fly under their own power which means they can have a sustained flight until they deplete their power source - as opposed to gliders that maintain flight by an initial exterior power source and airships that fly by being buoyant in the air, or floating like a ship on water.. also planes f ( Full Answer )

Who are the three Magi?

The Three Magi are The Wise Men who were given the names Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar.. And they go to bethlehem..

What is a hangar as relating to airplanes?

A hangar is a large building where aircraft are kept, both forprotection from the elements and for repairs. The same term is alsoapplied to similar buildings that house submarines. The term aerodrome is usually used for a hangar where oldplanes are kept to show them off to other people and to pre ( Full Answer )

Is hangar spelled correct?

It depends of which one you are referring to. A Hangar is a building to place a plane in. A Hanger is a person who hangs something or the device you place an article of clothing on like a coat hanger.

Meaning of magi?

a caste of priests, philosophers, and magicians, among the ancient Persians; hence, any holy men or sages of the East

Who are the magi in the story The Gift and the Magi?

This story is of a young couple named Della and Jim. they give up their most priced possessions and buy gifts for each other .During the time of Jesus , there were three wise men who came and gave Jesus some wonderful gifts and they were called The Magi .In this short story by O.Henry ,Jim and Della ( Full Answer )

What does the airplane do?

An aircraft or an airplane is used to either transport peoplefrom place to place or to transport goods or services from onepoint to its destination. It does so by flying through the air dueto the force of lift generated by the flow of air across its wingsdue to the forward thrust generated by its en ( Full Answer )

Where did the Magi come from?

Answer The author of Matthew's Gospel says that the magi came from the east, following a star. The magi were priests of the Zoroastrian religion which the Jews had encountered during the Babylonian Exile. So, the magi would have come from Persia or Babylon, where Zoroastrianism was practised. ( Full Answer )

What was the gift from a magi?

The magi wer 3 wise men who brought gifts for Baby Jesus. They got him gold, frankincense and myrrh. can; allegory; the importance of giving gifts freely

What is magi have to do with Christmas?

The Magi are the Three Wise men. ( the bible does not enumerate them nor does it refer to them as Kings) they are more correctly associated with the Epiphany. the travel aspect and Camels make them a popular aspect of the holiday with kids- which is all well and good. There are some epiphany songs o ( Full Answer )

Who or what are the magi?

the magi is a magicly ball it can travel you in to anywere you want just tell it were you want to go then shake it and if it says yes then it will take you and if it says no then it will not take you either because it is too far or that it needs some batereis

Who was the tallest of the Magi?

Answer This question is no doubt asking about the magi of Matthew's Gospel, not the tallest Zoroastrian priest (which is what the magi were). Unfortunately, there can be no answer, because there weren't really any magi . John Shelby Spong ( A Bishop Rethinks the Birth of Jesus ) says that amon ( Full Answer )

What were the names of the magi?

Nobody knows. We dont even know if there were three.\nTraditionally, they were Gasphar, Melchor, and Balthazar.\n

What is the meaning of the magi?

Strictly speaking, the Magi were a Median tribe that provided priests for the the other west Iranian tribes, including the Parsis (Persians). The west Iranians brought a primitive version of the proto-Indo-Iranian religion from their earlier homeland on the Russian steppes. At this stage, the Magi ( Full Answer )

What is magi quest?

The magi are people who used to give out gifts. They are beleved to be very wise.

The Magi came from the?

"The east". Commentary: Magi / Astrologers / Kings - all the same. The number of Magi is never mentioned in the Bible. There were three gifts, gold ( earthly kingship of the child ) frankincense (divine kingship of the child ) myrrh (ointment used in burial - prophecy of death of child). The number ( Full Answer )

What is a Hangar Party?

A 'hangar party' is an event held in an aircraft hangar at an airport, usually catered/with entertainment. They usually have one of three purposes: . Company event for an aviation-related business . Event for an aviation-related organization (not necessarily the business operating the hangar) . ( Full Answer )

How many airplanes will an aircraft hangar hold?

How big is your aircraft hangar? There are little 'T' hangars that only hold one little airplane, to HUGE military and industrial hangars that can cover acres of land.

Is a sword a hangar?

No, a hangar sword is a specific reference to decorativebasket-hilted swords. Although modern decorative swords are the most prolific "hangarswords", being usually made of very brittle stainless steel and noteven having good tangs*, there are examples of hangar swords thatdate earlier on, possibly ( Full Answer )

What is the gift of magi about?

True love and sacrifice. If my memory is correct, she cuts her hair for money to buy something for his watch. He sells his watch to buy something for her hair. What they gave as presents was far more less than the love they had for each other.

What is the significance of the magi?

Commonly, the Magi are thought to be either heathen/paganworshippers of the Zoroastrian god, or pehaps practisers of blackmagic. Just because something is considered by many as correct,does not make it so - like the earth is flat. So in keeping withthe category, let's refer to the Scriptures for ans ( Full Answer )

What is REALLY in Hangar Eighteen?

It disappoints me, also, that the military will not allow this information to citizens. Anyone who could tell you the answer would either have to kill you afterward, or the Air Force would come around to kill you yourself. The question is, is it right for them to hide this information? What really ( Full Answer )

What are airplanes for?

for flying really, but they also can do the different tasks they are built to do(exp. a passenger planes carries people to a certain destination,a bomber planes drops bombs on a certain target etc.)

What does an airplane do?

It transports you from one place to another so u can get to new places.

Hangar in a sentence?

Example sentence - We pulled the airplane out of the hangar before the sun came up.

What was magie vision?

You will find written in Matthew chapter 2 concerning the "Mag-os", who visited Christ and brought him gifts. in verse 12 of chapter 2 you will find the vision "dream" or father provided to them concerning Herod and his evil plans.

What is kept in a hangar?

A hangar is normallay used to keep aircraft, either in storage or as a place of manufacture, service and repair.

What can you do on an airplane?

Push the flight attendant call button and pretend it gave you a shock. . Call the Psychic Hotline and ask if they know where you are (only do this when phones are permitted on). . Drop a pen in the aisle and wait until someone reaches to pick it up and scream, "That's mine!" . Lay down a Twister ( Full Answer )

What was the airplane and what did it do?

The first airplane was made by the Wright Brothers (Orville and Wilbur) called the Wright Flyer or just the Flyer. It had no specific purpose.

What can you do on a airplane?

You can do many things sutch as look out the window, Get snacks play games and some other stuff but you must do it in your seat!

Were the Magi kings?

No not at all history very clearly states that in the book of Matthew Magi , which is plural of Magus ,were actually from the East and were very learned priests of Zorstrain.

What is the difference between hangar and hanger?

A hanger is an object that is specifically shaped to hang your clothes on. A hangar is a large building used to store airplanes in most cases, but it is known to have been used for government in tell or as a storage facility.

What was the path of the magi?

It is not recorded at all so no one knows. It is often assumed though that they came from Persia.

Who are Pharisee Magi?

Those are two very different things. The Pharisees were theTorah-sages (see attached Related Link). Whereas magi werepractitioners of Zoroastrianism, sometimes associated withstargazing or sorcery and explicitly repudiated by the Torah-sages(for example, Talmud, Shabbat 75a).

What is hangar 18?

It is a large hangar (#18), at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, inwhich aircraft are stored, Further, it is believed by some, thatparts of or even an entire alien ship, that was said to havecrashed in Roswell, New Mexico is or has been housed there.

What is the meanig of hangar?

han·gar (noun) ˈhaŋ-ər, ˈhaŋ-gər - shelter, shed; especially : a covered and usually enclosed area for housing and repairing aircraft

What are hangars commonly used for?

Hangars are typically used for storing aircraft or spacecraft in protective storage. Hangars can be used to protect aircraft or spacecraft from weather conditions and direct sunlight.

What are the release dates for Hangar 18 - 1980?

Hangar 18 - 1980 was released on: USA: July 1980 (Hollywood, California) Ireland: 13 March 1981 Taiwan: 31 October 1981 Portugal: 4 February 1982 Australia: 6 May 1982 Sweden: 14 May 1982 Colombia: 9 June 1982 Hungary: 7 February 1985 Japan: 15 October 1987 (video premiere)