Main sects of Christianity?


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The 3 main Christian denominations of Christianity are: Catholic, Protestant, & Orthodox.

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Protestant; Roman Catholic; Orthodox

A recent poll found over 30,000 churches/organizations claiming to be Christian worldwide. Of these, the largest/main 'sects' would be Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox and Fundamental/Evangelical.

No. Most sects of Christianity do proselytize, but not all. Almost no sects of Judaism proselytize. Most sects of Islam, including controversial sects like the Nation of Islam and Ahmadiyya, proselytize, some sects of Hinduism also proselytize, and in Asia, several sects of Buddhism actively proselytize.

Christianity has numerous conflicts. That is why it is divided into so many denominations & sects.

the two main well known sects of Islam are the sunni's and the shi'ites.

Catholicism, Protestantism, Orthodoxy.

christianity, judaism, islam, hinduism, buddhism, sikhism, jainism, confucianism, taoism, shinto, indigenous, sects.

The two main sects are Sunnis and Shiites. refer to question below for more information.

Christianity is one religion, not many. There are many denominations in Christianity.

Two main sects are Sunni and shia muslims .

John Buxton Marsden has written: 'Dictionary of Christian churches and sects from the earliest ages of Christianity' -- subject(s): Dictionaries, Church history, Christian sects, Christianity

The worlds largest religions. In that order.

If you are Catholic, you are part of one of the major sects of Christianity.

Christianity is split into various sects. The leader of the Roman Catholics is the Pope, of the Church of England it's the Archbishop of Canterbury, of the Russian Orthodox Church it's the Metropolitan. There are other smaller sects with their own leaders.

The main text of Christianity is the Bible.

Christianity is a religion. There are many sects of it (such as Methodism, Catholicism, etc.)

to unite all sects of Christianity under one belief system

Christianity is the religion with three major denominations: Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant. In each of these, there are literally thousands of sects.

Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant.

The main branches of Christianity are Protestantism and Catholicism.

Jesus is The main person and study in christianity.

There are hundreds of religions in Asia, but the main ones are Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam, with Christianity existing as a minority religion in most of Asia. There are many sects of each religion present.

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