Major lakes and rivers in Liberia?

Major rivers in Liberia are:
  • Mano - Between Liberia and Sierra Leone
  • Lofa - starts in Guinea
  • Saint Paul - starts in Guinea
  • Saint John - Starts in Guinea
  • Cestos - also known as (Nuon or NipouĂ©) river
  • Cavalla - also known as Youbou, or Diougou river
  • Mesurado river - pours into the Atlantic at Cape Montserrado in Monrovia
  • Ya river - Yekepa, Nimba County Liberia

Major lakes in Liberia are:
  • Lake Piso in Grand Cape Mount County is one of the largest lakes in Liberia. It covers an area of approximately 40 square miles.
  • Lake Shepard in Maryland County Liberia is part salt water and part fresh water. The lake is a peaceful, almost still lake and a favorite spot for the locals to gather "kiss me", crabs, and turtle eggs.