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Make a sentence with the word simple?

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This is a simple sentence.

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Your inability to make a sentence with a simple word such as "mystic"is rather mystic

my father and i went on a voyage

This parka is sensibly constructed.

Can you make a sentence with I am? OK

Making a simple sentence is easy.

The "simple subject' is the main word in the sentence that tell, "whom" or "what" the sentence is aboutNow on the other hand, the "simple predicate" or "verb" is the main word or word group that tells something about the subject of the sentence.

I am scared of the boy next door.

Newton's 1st law is the law of inertia

Her answers did not reveal any further facts.

the simple subject of a sentence is what the sentence is in one word

It's actually quite simple to use that word in a sentence. However, it is also quite out of the question if you don't know the meaning. ;)

One of Einstein's dictums was to make everything as simple as possible

In some text books, the terminology is complicated but the concepts are simple.

You can make a sentence with the word tortilla it is very simple. Example My mom learned how to make tortillas sense she was about 16 years old in Mexico.

This is a simple sentence using the words "chemical formula".

yes. Example: I was standing on stage holding this microphone and it broke. its a pretty simple sentence but it is just an example

The theme of the story is to never cross the street without looking.simple.

make a sentence with the word asphyxiation

make sentence with the word psychology

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