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Alexander Hamilton proposed that the federal government should assume the debts that were owed by states. This was opposed by many Americans because it would mean states that had already paid their debts would have to cover for states that were still in debt.

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Q: Many Americans opposed Hamilton's proposal to have the national government assume debts owed by the states because?
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Why did southerners oppose many of hamiltons proposal for building a strong economy?

They were afraid of a strong national government with economic powers controlled by the rich and powerful at the expense of the average American.

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Many Americans opposed Alexander Hamilton's proposal to have the national government assume the debts owed by the states because?

Alexander Hamilton believed the Federal Government was more intelligent about money than the people. The whole concept of a national government assuming all debts owed by the states puts the government in a power position with no freedoms for the state rights or people.It is in essence a National Dictatorship with the bureaucrats holding states up to corruption at the highest level.

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