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You can't die from smoking too much pot, its impossible for a variety of reasons, primarily because the cannabinoid receptors reside primarily in the brain (amongst other locations in the body) and opiate receptors reside in the brain stem- this controls respiration or breathing.

Death will occur from an overdose of opiates in most cases for this reason, contrarily, marijuana does not have effects on respiration. Large amounts can be taken without serious adverse effects other than getting extremely high.

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Q: Marijuana related deaths in America
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How many marijuana related deaths in past year?


How many marijuana deaths in America?

The CDC reports no more than 1 to 2 deaths in America annually, that are the underlying cause by cannabis use alone.

What country in America has highest alcohol related deaths?

If you are referring to the United States, that is the country. so i think your looking for "What state in America has the highest rate of alcohol related deaths?"

Gang related deaths in America in 2009?

Apx 115,000

Deaths related to smoking?

The number one cause of deaths in America is smoking. it is VERY bad for you and your health.

Since its the number one cash crop in America every year why is marijuana still illegal and not taxed?

Because the government thinks that marijuana is bad and they will not legalize it because of that even though there are no deaths due to marijuana

How many people die from mariana compared to alcohol?

Deaths related to marijuana use are quite uncommon. Deaths related to alcohol use are quite frequent -- in fact, they are inevitable if the person drinks enough, long enough. This should not be considered an endorsement of marijuana use. Smoking marijuana is implicated in chronic bronchitis, asthma, and may be related to the development of lung cancer. It is also not conducive to a productive lifestyle when used in large quantities.

What states haves the most deaths from marijuana?

There have been 0 deaths due to marijuana in over 2,700 years anywhere in the world.

How many drug related deaths?

over one million a year in America itself

How many deaths are weeed related?

No reported deaths have been caused weed. You cannot overdose on marijuana. The only way weed can kill you is if you make a bad decision on it or through cancer (which is highly unlikely).

Can you die from using marijuana?

There has been zero reported deaths from marijuana use in history