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Q: Marijuana related deaths in America
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How many marijuana related deaths in past year?


How many marijuana deaths in America?

The CDC reports no more than 1 to 2 deaths in America annually, that are the underlying cause by cannabis use alone.

Gang related deaths in America in 2009?

Apx 115,000

What country in America has highest alcohol related deaths?

If you are referring to the United States, that is the country. so i think your looking for "What state in America has the highest rate of alcohol related deaths?"

How many people die each year from smoking marijuana?

Nobody has died from a marijuana overdose, the LD50 (dose at which 50% of people die) is much too high.Due to Marijuana's status as a controlled substance in most parts of the world, this statistic is not readily available. The majority of marijuana related deaths are caused by lung cancer or other complications. Other deaths related to marijuana include:schizophrenic episodesDUI

How many gun related deaths occur each year?

There are thousands of deaths each year in America sue to a gun related incident. An estimated number of 20 percent of deaths are related to guns.

Deaths related to smoking?

The number one cause of deaths in America is smoking. it is VERY bad for you and your health.

How many alcohol related deaths are there in America a year?

In 2011 in the US there were: - 16,634 Alcoholic Liver Disease deaths. - 26,256 Alcohol induced deaths

Marijuana related deaths yearly in us?

According to Freedom of Information requests submitted by the group, from 1997 to 2005 the Food and Drug Administration recorded 279 deaths to which marijuana contributed. 187 of these deaths were listed as being directly related to the use of the cannabis plant itself.Some doctors have also stated they believe the actual number of marijuana related deaths is probably much higher because marijuana is often dismissed as a cause of death due to it's reputation as being "harmless", due to the appearance of other substances in the deceased's toxicology reports, and routine omissions in coroners' reports.This assessment was substantiated by an estimate published on ProCon's website linking marijuana to as many as 296 preventable deaths in the year 1990 alone.

Since its the number one cash crop in America every year why is marijuana still illegal and not taxed?

Because the government thinks that marijuana is bad and they will not legalize it because of that even though there are no deaths due to marijuana

How many smoking related deaths are there in America per year?

440,000 smoking related deaths per year. 1,205 per day. 50 per hour...

What states haves the most deaths from marijuana?

There have been 0 deaths due to marijuana in over 2,700 years anywhere in the world.

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