Market share of Coca-Cola in rural India in 2009?

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What is share market?

Answer . Companies raise capital money for running and expanding their businesses from the public and other institutions. They allot shares of the company to them in return. The shares have certain monetary value. Depending on the performance of the company, the share price goes up or down. The h ( Full Answer )

What is market share?

Answer . market share is the portion of the consumer base, in a given industry, that is controlled by any one of the competitive companies in that industry. For example. 100,000 people buy toilet paper, amounting to 100,000 dollors in total market size. There are only 2 companies that sell toilet ( Full Answer )

What is Coca Colas marketing mix?

the products they sell, where they sell them, how they promote them (advertising, packaging etc.), and also the pricing strategies they use. xx

Difference between rural and urban marketing?

Urban and rural communities have historically had different demographics, interests and opportunities. While the communications boom of the late 20th century, most notably the advent of the Internet, is blurring the lines somewhat, there are still broad differences. These differences often necessita ( Full Answer )

Is coca-cola mass market or niche market?

I would have to say mass market due to the overall market reach and exposure. While the market reach may be extensive however, their commercials can be directed towards a niche at times. The majority of their marketing though is mass.

What is Coca Cola marketing strategy?

There are a number of different marketing strategies that Coca Colauses to sell their products. They use advertising with happy peopleand young children for example.

Meaning of rural marketing?

rural marketing is promotion of a company's products in the rural market buy using strategies which differs from that of urban market, the rural market is more price sensitive bt it has preference for quality.

What is rural credit market?

Rural credit market refers to the provision of cheap resources bythe governments to farmers in a myriad of institutional settings.The governments are usually supported by the bilateral andmultilateral aid agencies.

Definition of rural marketing?

Rural marketing is the process of marketing in rural areas. it includes the adoption of various marketing strategies and policies in rural market with a view to convert the needs and wants of rural people into demand.

Difference between rural marketing and urban marketing?

Rural marketing would be using advertising mediums and strategy to reach people located in less populated, non-metropolitan or "country" areas. Urban marketing would be just the opposite, designed to target those living in metropolitan city areas.

Coca-Cola market oriented definition?

Im not really sure what you mean here. If you meant is coca cola arket orientated I would say yes due to the recent release of the different varieties such as Coca Cola lime, anti-oxidant, and the new coke zero.. A definition of merket orientated could be a firm that undergoes extensive market rese ( Full Answer )

Introduction to rural marketing?

The introduction to rural marketing was aimed at reaching out topeople in rural areas. This may also be used as a survey toestablish if a company may have rural branches.

What are Rural problems of India?

People in rural areas in India have many problems such as: . Over-population . Health . No clean water supply . Electricity . Education . Jobs . Roads . Scope for development . Lack of security . Illiterate administration . No modern facilities . The Indian government has therefo ( Full Answer )

Scope of rural management in India?

RM provides an excellent opportunity for those who want to be a part of Socioeconomic development of rural areas. It provides a great insight on the dynamics of Rural India with more than 60% of the population lives in villages and to tap the abundant markets like Microfinance, FMCG, Pharma, Banking ( Full Answer )

What are the disadvantages of rural life in India?

Some of the disadvantages of rural life in India are the lack ofmodern conveniences and lack of money. Jobs are scarce, and manythings people in more developed parts of the world, such asadequate medical care, reliable transportation, and jobs, aresimply not available in rural India.

What is the target market of coca cola?

I believe that my Coca Cola is aimed more at teenagers than any other age group. I also think it is aimed at male and female teens because it is seen as a hip, cool drink. I think this because it is mainly promoted on the television which is mostly watched by teenagers rather than older people. It i ( Full Answer )

Introduction for rural livelihood in India?

Agriculture is the main occupation in rural India. 70 % of the population live in villages and are dependent upon agriculture for their livelihood.Agriculture influences almost every sphere of life in rural areas.Even those engaged in non-agricultural activities are indirectly connected with a ( Full Answer )

What is the Difference between rural and urban market?

Difference between rural and urban market: . The market is a place where buyers and Sellers Exchange Things . In lay man terms "It is a place where buyers and sellers exchange goods/Service for some value in return such as Money" . So the Market is same everywhere . But , The difference is in the ( Full Answer )

What are the rural banking policies of India?

The rural banking policies of India are aimed at spreading literacyof savings and economic growth. They also help the people ruralareas on credit flow issues.

Why is the rural marketing?

There are some cultural differences between those who live in avery rural area and the people who choose to live in an urbanenvironment. What appeals to one of these groups may not appeal tothe other. For example, farmers may not have much interest in aproduct if you market it as making you "cooler" ( Full Answer )

What is rural community in India?

The rural India is mixed community hind , Islam and other cast and not perticulerly poor but mostly people are in poorty

What is your market share?

Basically the amount of the market that you take up. So there is a market for cell phones, and say Verizon owns 50% of that market share or say 2 billion and ATT owns 25% of the market share or 1 billion and so on.

What do you mean by rural marketing?

rural marketing is the process of marketing in rural areas,it includes the adoption of various marketing strategies and policies in rural market with a view to convert the needs and wants of rural people in industries

What are the subsidies for Coca-Cola in India?

Hindustan Coca Cola and Bharat Coca Cola are the subsidiaries ofCoca Cola in India. Coca Cola has been rejected in several Indiancities because of water issues and pollutants cased by the bottlingprocess.

Is Coca-Cola market oriented?

Coca Cola is market-oriented and most of its products aredetermined by what the market demands. The promotions are alsogeared towards a particular market.

What is Thompson rural marketing index?

The rural market is classified in to 3 parts- Consumer Market, Industrial Market & Service Market of different geographical areas and its potentials. Apart this TRMI explains the Rural Industrial market in parts of Constituents- Agricultural & allied activities , Product Consumables - ( Full Answer )

A essay on rural livelihoods in India?

An essay on rural livelihoods in India would likely focus onagriculture. A large percentage of those who live in rural areas ofIndia are farmers. Focus on the crops and animals raised.

What is rural administration in India?

The term is used to contrast with offices at nation-state level, which are referred to as the central government , national government , or (where appropriate) federal government . "Local government," generally acts within powers delegated to it by legislation or directives of the higher level ( Full Answer )

Role of rural credit and marketing in rural development?

Rural credit and marketing can revolutionize the rural scenario andcan play a pivotal role in rural development. While urbanized banksare more inclined to extend credit to urban people, the ruralbanks, credit societies can assess the exact exact requirements ofrural farmers, artisans and offer credi ( Full Answer )

When did Coca Cola appear on the market?

Coca-Cola was first sold on 8th May 1886 by a pharmacist called John Pemberton. In 1892 Asa Candler founded The Coca-Cola Company.

How do you get agency of Coca-Cola India?

An application needs to be made to the Coca Cola soft drink company in order to have a franchise or factory building placed in India. Research will need to be done as to whether this area will be a viable location for the franchise to be a success.

Market share of top 5 veterinary medicine companies in India?

The total Market Size is approx.1900 crores in India. The top most company in India is Virbac is having almost 12% market share followed by Pfizer almost 10% ms. Then Provimi nutrition India has 10% MS,Sarabhai Zyduzs has 7%MS and Intervet now it is Merial INDIA has a MS of 6-7% 1.Virbac,2. ( Full Answer )

What is the market scale of Coca-Cola?

Almost worldwide . Some anti-semitic countries do not allow it as the preponderance of boardmembers used to be Jewish. I don't know if that is still true , but I remember a long time ago seeing the Pepsi people [ the actress Joan Crawford was married to one of the Pepsi higher-up]signing a contract ( Full Answer )

How education can make the rural market a different market?

Education is vital for development and growth of any economy. Educated people know much about technology with its latest versions, so they can use this factor in developing the products that are produced from the rural market , also increase the rate of its growth. Thats why developing count ( Full Answer )

How is rural marketing different from urban markets?

The market is a place where buyers and Sellers Exchange Things . In lay man terms "It is a place where buyers and sellers exchange goods/Service for some value in return such as Money" . So the Market is same everywhere . But , The difference is in the consumer behaviour . There will be different bu ( Full Answer )

How much is one share of coca cola?

it depends on which country u are living in. coca cola has itself many divisions all around the world which have different profits and costs and thus different share price

Does Coca-Cola use target marketing?

Every company uses target marketing if (1) they can afford it, (2) they know how to do it and (3) it is applicable to the product. You don't see golf ball ads on soap operas. You don't see beer commercials on Nickelodeon. You don't see Depends ads on MTV. On the other hand, there is no bad ( Full Answer )

How do you purchase a share from the share market?

To Purchase or become a part of company first of all you need to find a broker ( a broker is a plat form which deals between company and an investor). Once you reached near broker you have to open an demat account which helps you in share trading and it is an essential step for starting a share mark ( Full Answer )

Where is the Coca-Cola India headquarters?

The Coca Cola India Headquarters is located in Haryana India. The address of the Coca Cola Headquarters in India is Enkay Tower Udyog Vihar 5, Gurgaon 122 106, Haryana, India.

What about share market?

In a share market, shares are bought and sold. The stock market isa share market, however besides shares of companies, otherinstruments like bonds, mutual funds and derivative contracts tooare traded in the stock market