Market share of Coca-Cola in rural India in 2009?

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Introduction to rural marketing?

The introduction to rural marketing was aimed at reaching out topeople in rural areas. This may also be used as a survey toestablish if a company may have rural branches.

Why is the rural marketing?

There are some cultural differences between those who live in avery rural area and the people who choose to live in an urbanenvironment. What appeals to one of these groups ma

Market share of top 5 veterinary medicine companies in India?

The total Market Size is approx.1900 crores in India. The top most company in India is Virbac is having almost 12% market share followed by Pfizer almost 10% ms. Then Pr

How is rural marketing different from urban markets?

The market is a place where buyers and Sellers Exchange Things . In lay man terms "It is a place where buyers and sellers exchange goods/Service for some value in return such