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Q: Market share of Pepsi in Pakistan?
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Market share Coke vs pepsi in Pakistan?

Pepsi is abput 65 - 70% while Coke is about 25-28% in Pakistan Beverage Market Survey. *Bottle Water and Dairy is not included in the beverage survey

What is Pepsi's market share?

According to statistics, in 2010, Pepsi had 11.5% of the global soft drink market.

Market share of Igloo ice cream in Pakistan?

IGLOO Pakistan has 30% of the market share overall but if you see they are only selling in the territories of Sindh and Balochistan which out 100 caters a 45% of market share.

Beverages products of Pepsi Pakistan?

Pepsi is referred as Pepsi Co in Pakistan. Pepsi, Teem, Marinda are the main beverages produced by Pepsi Co. in Pakistan. Pepsi also produces mineral water with a tag "Aquafina" in Pakistan.

Who has a larger market share in Ghana Coca cola or Pepsi?


What is relation between pepsi and Pakistan cricket board?

They may sponsor the Pakistan cricket team. PEPSI is supponring Pakistan cricket team.

Why Pepsi dominates coke in market share?

pepsi has many many other brands world wide and has diversified and was very successful doing so unllike coke and so has more market share although the beverage coke itself might be more popular itself pepsi has proven to be the more successful as a firm than coke is

Market share of potato chips in Pakistan?

The potato chips market in Pakistan increased at a compound annual growth rate of 11.6% between 2004 and 2009.The leading player in potato chips market in Pakistan is K.S.Sulemanji Esmailji & Sons Pvt. Ltd.

Who are the sponsors of the Pakistan cricket team?


What is Pepsi target market?

Pepsi's target market is young adults. The Pepsi Company wants to attract people that will be life followers of the beverages.

What is topshop market share?

what is topshops market share? what is topshops market share? what is topshops market share?

What is the stock market symbol for Pepsi?

Pepsi's Stock Symbol is "PEP".

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