Married 7 years and found out husband is still legally married to his first wife who he has not seen in 20 years. He did not know if she was dead or not . What can he do?

You will need to see a judge to have your marriage nullified. He will then need to get a divorce and then you will have to get married legally.

There also may be some criminal penalties because it is against the law to be married to two people at the same time. Additionally, you may have some issues with the IRS as you can not file as married if you are not legally allowed to marry.

He must obtain a divorce from his first wife immediately. Your marriage to him was not valid. After he has obtained the divorce he must wait out the NISI period and then you and he must be legally married. If you own any property as tenants by the entirety you need to change it to joint tenants until you have been legally married. Once you have been married you can change it to tenants by the entirety.