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you spelt myths wrong XD

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Q: Mars miths and legends?
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What do Urban Legends consist of?

miths and folk tails.

How are myths and legends alike?

miths and legonds are different miths are things that were created to explain things legonds however are usually made up for the fun of it

Are there any Myths or legends of the planet Mars?

no their no myths or legends

Are there myths and legends about the planet Mars?

myth of planet mars?

What is the new Mars?

Greek legends of gods.

Are the any myths or legends about Mars?

mars is a roman god of war. he is one of the greek gods also but he just has a different name in greek mythology. but yes mars is mentioned in myths and legends! hope that helped!

Is there any myth or legends on Mars?

mars is a roman god of war. he is one of the greek gods also but he just has a different name in greek mythology. but yes mars is mentioned in myths and legends! hope that helped!

What are some myths in panama?

panama has no good miths

How constellation get their names?

from the miths created by the people of greek

What are myths or legends of the planet Mars?

Mars is the Roman name for the Greek god Ares, god of war and bloodshed. Mars is rumored to be red because of the blood that Ares created.

Are there legends about Mars?

If you mean leaving aside pure fantasy, mythology and science fiction - no.

What are some Venus miths?

one Venus myth is that there is animal life living in the atmosphere of Venus.

Does Mars have any myths or legends?

There aren't about the planet itself that I know of, but the planet is named after the Roman God of War, Mars. He is also known as Ares in Greek Mythology. So thus, there are many myths and legends based around him. One myth about Mars circulating back in the 1950s was that there was a civilization there actively building canals. These canals turned out to be a combination of lens defects and imagination.

Where did they get the idea for M and M's and why?

M and M's were the creations of Mars and Marshall, two men who were both candy legends.

Why do ecologists prefer that species from one community not be introduced haphazardly into another community?

he may loose his identity bcz of his false miths

What are some common myths about the Bermuda triangle?

common miths about the Bermuda triangle are that time portles apper there and changess in weather and many dissaperences

How to transform into a merboy?

those storys are just miths all though merboys are seen in austraillia even if they did exist there would be no way to transfer into one

Where can you get Pokemon ruby destiny life of legends?

its reign of legends its reign of legends its reign of legends

Is legends of wrestling 2 or showdown legends of wrestling better?

showdown legends is better then legends of wrestling 2

What has the author Wilhelm Ruland written?

Wilhelm Ruland has written: 'Rheinisches Sagenbuch' -- subject(s): Legends, Folklore 'Legends of the Rhine' -- subject(s): Germanic Legends 'Legends of the Rhine 8th edition' 'Legends of the Rhine' -- subject(s): Legends 'The finest legends of the Rhine' -- subject(s): Legends

Do globes have keys or legends?


Why have the maoris made up the legends?

Maoris have their legends for the same reason that every other culture in the world has their legends. There have always been Greek legends, Viking legends, Scottish legends, Irish legends, Native American legends. They are told to explain life and things that happen in life and how we came to be and the Seasons and birth and death etc.

How do you delete league of legends?

You don't delete League of Legends. League of Legends deletes you.

What are the visayas legends?

visayas legends is ewan =)

Are Greek legends real?

No, that is why they are called legends.