Martin Luther against the Catholic Church?

Catholic Answer

Yes, one could say that (that Martin Luther was against the Catholic Church) because the Catholic Church preached Our Blessed Lord, Jesus Christ, and His Call to repent from your sins and lead a good life. All things that Martin Luther most certainly did not want to do:


Martin Luther's call to reform the Church is know as several things. Among protestants it is know as the beginning of the Protestant reformation, among Catholic historians, it is know as the protestant revolt, I think the best description would be "total disaster". Although his revolt (among other things) did spark the Counter-reformation, and the Council of Trent; it also fragmented the Body of Christ into thousands of squabbling factions, historically depriving millions of souls of the graces available through the Church, and allowing them to be brought up in error and heresy. It is a sad tragedy that the Holy Father and the Church are still trying to repair to this day. Historically, it has not lasted as long as some other heresies in history, but it has probably caused the most damage and tragedy to the most people of any heresy in history.