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Masking tape is not strong enough for most repairs on cars, even on the interior. If you're going to polish the exterior of your car, you may want to mask it off with a tape that is made especially for that purpose such as 3M Scotch Premium automotive masking tape.

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Who is Richard G Drew?

Richard drew invented Scotch Tape. And Masking tape and Duct tape. he invented scotch, Masking, and duct tape! he invented scotch, Masking, and duct tape!

Is duct tape the same as masking tape?

No - consider Masking Tape to be temporary, as in interior decorating. Masking tape on the glass whilst painting the frame of the window, frame painted, masking tape removed. Duct tape for a more permanent repair, it is a pressure sensative tape sealed with polyurethene, it is water resistant, flexible, very tacky and long lasting

Can I use masking tape to seal my moving boxes?

I wouldn't use masking tape for moving purposes. Masking tape is usually used for painting, to tape off walls. It's easily removable as to not harm the paint, so it's not ideal for packing boxes. You can use masking tape for your move, but it's not the best solution. You should go down to your local post office. They should have some packing tape for sale. But if masking tape is all you have, it should work out OK.

Will goo gone take off masking tape?

Yes, GooGone will remove masking tape. Just make sure it is safe for the surface the tape is actually on.

A type of tape often used when painting?

masking tape

Which brand of tape sticks longer scotch tape or masking tape?

Neither. duct tape

What tape sticks better scotch tape or masking tape?

Duct tape hope that helps

How is masking tape made?

There are two components to making masking tape: Thin paper and adhesive. Some masking tape brands are made with polymer or acetate films rather than the thin paper. This kind of tape is stronger and harder to tear. The adhesive on most types of masking tape is synthetic based on the original rubber-based adhesives originally used.

What can colored masking tape be used for?

Colored masking tape is used for industrial applications. This type of masking tape can be used for decorating, marking floors, making signs, mapping, art projects, color-coding shipments and inventory.

What is better masking tape or scotch tape and why?

none only duct tape is good!

What is masking tape used for?

same thing tape is for. to stick things on

What is masking tape made out of?

Masking tape is made with paper that is thin and easy to tear. It also has an adhesive that is easily released and pressure-sensitive.

What is masking tape in French?

Masking tape is 'du ruban de masquage, de l'adhésif de masquage' in French.

What is the 3 most used household tapes?

Duct tape, Masking tape, and Scotch tape.

Where was masking tape invented?

It was invented in 1992

When making a thermos can you use masking tape or do you have to use duct tape?

i would say get duct tape because masking tape isn't as flexible nor as colorful also when you make your thurmust it will show bubbles in the tape! you can get duct tape at taget or even the dollar store

What are 5 words with the root word tape?

tapeworm tape recorder Duct tape Masking tape Scotch tape tarpaulin tapestry

What is another word for duct tape?

Sometimes I hear it being called masking tape.

Will spray paint stick to masking tape?

Not well.

Can you remove a wart with masking tape?

most likeley not

What is stronger sticky tape masking tape or packing tape?

Many types of packing tape have fiberglass strands in them making them much stronger.

What is masking tape made of?

it is made out of paper with a acrylic adhesive

How do you make a bookcase with newspaper and masking tape?

by foljsjsj on ckhujha

How do remove masking tape from glass?

Use a razor blade

Why can't you use masking tape to tape electrical wires?

Masking tape isn't designed to be either insulating or watertight, so it's a really bad choice to use to tape electrical wiring together. What masking tape is designed for is paint masking then easy removal after the paint dries without leaving any residue. If you just temporarily want to tape the wires to a wall or something, it's fine, but using it on exposed wiring is a bad idea, and masking tape isn't designed for longtime service anyway. Masking tape is considered disposable, electrical tape is considered permanent. <<>> Electrical tape has an inherent insulation property. It comes in many thickness and temperature ratings. There are two main types in use in the electrical trade. The PVC tape is the everyday tape used for general insulating purposes. The second type is a rubber amalgamating tape. This type is used on large motor splices. Once the rubber tape is applied, it amalgamates into one mass of rubber to provide the proper insulation value. After the rubber tape is applied an over wrap of PVC tape is applied to provide wear protection to the splice.

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