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Match each of these below with the situations where a credit card customer would get charged?


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Potential Matches:1 : You use a new credit card to pay off the $2,000 you owe on another credit card.

2 : You use your credit card to take out $200 in cash from an ATM.

3 : You forget to send in your minimum monthly payment one month.

4 : You charge $800 on a credit card that has a $500 spending cap.

Answer : Balance transfer fee

: Cash advance fee

: Late payment fee

: Overlimit fee

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AnswerYou get them to match by disputing errors with each individual credit agency.

Trial Balance Agreement means the debit side should match with credit side otherwise something is either missing or wrong information provided.As we use double entry system in accounting so in every transection debit has equall amount of credit so if the debit side and credit side don't match it means some information is not provided or charged to any account which required to be charged.For Example:Purchase machinery of $10000 on cash[debit] Machinery Account 10000[credit] Cash 9000now trial balance will not telly as debit side is more then credit side by $1000 and we can see that why it is so that.

Annual percentage rate: The amount of interest paid on unpaid balances;Grace period: Number of days to run a balance before fees or interest are charged;Secured card: A credit card with money in a savings account to act as collateral;Credit report: A listing of a person's financial information and history.

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