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Depends, what caused the damage, what types of coverage/policys do you or the contractor have? With additional info I can try to be of more assistance.

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Q: Materials were damaged during construction. Who pays?
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You can file a claim with the department or with the city.

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I was raised to the fact that the owner of the fence is to mend the fence but good neighbors would often chip in with work or meterials

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these are very differant feilds of work, construction pays anywhere from 9 an hour to 30 an hour, in the state of Ne architecture pays 6 percent of what the building you design is worth. then you suck the guys balls.

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Who knows cos I don't AND why do you care?

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Your Home Insurance company will cover the damages. Nobody is liable for an act of Nature.

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Collision pays to have your car fixed if it is damaged in a collision with another vehicle. There is usually a deductible that you have to pay.

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