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Maths in cricket?


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July 23, 2013 2:01PM

Well, Maths is everywhere. I can list a few examples of instances when Maths is involved in cricket; some will be rather trivial but nevertheless important:

-Counting: the number of runs scored, balls in an over, wickets taken etc.

-Averages: runs per over, wickets per match for bowlers.

-Time: reaction times of all players, the maths of the earth orbiting the sun: in short what time to stop for tea. ;)

-Momentum and motion: of the ball when bowled, bouncing off the wicket, change of momentum as it's hit, the forces in action as these happen.

-Angles: at which the bowler releases the ball, the ball hits the bat, the batsman plays his shot.

That's a few instances of maths in cricket, there are so many more, even the human body has so many things that abide by mathematical rules and such. Heart rate as players run for example. or fear of this list being endless I'll leave it there.