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Your distributor might be shot, in which case you will need to have it rebuilt. The part itself is not that expensive, but the work is labor intensive and could run the cost way up. Remove the fuel filter and check for the presence of fuel pressure. Removing the fuel filter entirely is not necessary. You can disconnect the fuel line from the discharge side of the filter. With the help of a friend, place a catch can in place and turn on the ignition. Turn the engine over if necessary. If no fuel comes out of the filter, the fuel pump is probably not working. Mazda was smart enough to put an access panel under the rear seat so the fuel pump can be reached without removing the fuel tank. The fule pump should hum from a few seconds when the ingnition is first turned on. If there's no hum, use a test light or meter to check power to the pump. If there's power but no hum, the pump will need to be replaced. If there's no power to the pump, check your fuses and the fuel pump relay. If there is fuel flowing thru the filter, the problem could be in the ignition system. Proper trouble shooting would depend on exactly what the engine is doing when you try to start it. Hopefully you have someone at your disposal who has a little knowledge about cars. The problem could be simple or it could be complicated.

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Q: Mazda 323 1993 hatchback turns over but won't start?
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I have similar problem with my 1993 Mazda 323 and I'm told its a problem with the immobiliser. Seems that the alarm system is hard wired into the ignition and fuel systems of the car and one part of it has perished with age so the whole thing is kaput Do you know where the sensor for the alarm is on your car, because I can't find it on mine!

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i have no clue i have the same problem with my Mazda 1999 626

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If the light comes on and turns off as you mentioned, this is normal it does not mean there is something wrong. If the light stays on for as long as the vehicle is running, then you should seek a repair shop, because there could be something that needs to be looked at, or repaired.

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My Mazda is a 94. There is a black switch near the hinge on the driver's door about 6" from the floor board in front of the fuse box. The down position turns it off.

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