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battery is low. get a boost or charge the battery.

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Q: Mazda Mpv wont start but makes a click sound?
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How do you change the sound your email makes when you get it?

If you are using Windows, go to start / settings / control panel. Click the sound icon. Click the sound tab and change the "New Mail Notification."

Truck wont start it just makes a click sound?

If a truck makes a clicking sound and won't start, the battery maybe dead. The battery should be charged with jumper cables and another vehicle.

Your BMW does not start it just makes a click noise?

my BMW does not start it just makes a click noise

Why does your Mazda protege go click click click when you turn it over?

if it just goes click click click and not start then you will require a new battery or a charge if you left the lights on...

Your Mazda 626 makes a squealing sound when you start the engine What is that noise?

Sounds like a slipping alternator drive belt. Adjust in accordance with manufacturers instructions.

How can you change the start up sound on your computer?

Go to Control Panel and double click on "sound". Click the "sounds" tab.

Which Application test Sound card?

click start> run> then type dxdiag, then press enter, then click on the sound tab.....

1999 olds intrigue makes no sound upon startup?

Car will not start, makes no sound. Battery is strong.

My 1995 Mazda 626 will not start changed the battery and the headlights works but no radio interior lights and no horn The car makes not a sound when you try and start it No money for a Pro?

When you turn the ignition key does the running light dim a little bit?

How do you change window startup sound?

Go to control panel, double click on Sounds and Audio Devices, then click on the Sounds tab. Scroll down until you find the "Start Windows", click it, click browse, and then select the sound you want as your startup noise, then click ok

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1. Display the slide to which you want to add music or sound effects. 2. On the Insert menu, point to Movies and Sounds, and then do as following: Click Sound from File, locate the folder that contains the file that you want, and then double-click the file. 3. Double-click the sound file that you want to insert. 4. When a message is displayed, do one of the following: To play the music or sound automatically when you go to the slide, click Automatically. To play the music or sound only when you click the sound icon, click When Clicked. After these step, you music is added to PowerPoint.1. Display the slide to which you want to add music or sound effects. 2. Click Insert -> Movies and Sounds -> Sound from File, locate the folder that contains the sound file that you want, and then double-click the sound file. 3. In the succeeding dialog box which says "How do you want the sound to start in the slide show", do one of the following: Click "Automatically" if you want to play the sound automatically when you go to the slide Click "When Clicked" if you want to play the sound when you click the sound icon.

I have a Mazda 1989 626 and it wont start all the time The time it doesn't start it will just click Ive replaced the starter battery cables neutral safety switch and the battery?

I have a 89 Mazda 626 with a similar problem. Sometimes when I go to start it it won't start. (It does not click like yours does.) All I do is put the car in neutral and turn the key. It starts right up. Maybe this could help you.

When you start your truck it makes a pop sound?

for some. If it's worn out.

Mazda lantis 1994 won't start after a year sitting?

Mazda Lantis does not start

Car does not start makes a click noise only?

It is probably a dead battery.

How do you make computer talk when you Start up or Shuts down?

There is a simple way to make your PC talk during Start Up & Shutsdown like a human.But for a Robotic Sound you may need a special sotware to do it.But for now,we only use the built in software on Windows XP.First you need to record your voice using Sound Recorder built in Windows XP.There you can record your own voice whatever you wanted it,then SAVE it as WAV file.Then go to Start/controlpanel then double cliick on Sound & Device Icon,then click on Sound Tab,then browse on the Program Events,there click on Start Navigation,browse on pop up table & click on Windows start up,you may play its default to hear how it was sound like. Or there Click Browse,locate the the sound File you created before,then open it,& click play if its alright,then Click APPLY.And that's it,everytime you Start-up you may hear the recorded sound you made,Same Procedures apply on how to set up PC talk during Shuts down,also for all the rest of Windows Events you wanted to modify its sound.

Mercury villager makes a clicking sound when trying to start It won't start and its not the starter. I had it checked.?

A clicking sound when you try to start the car is a dead battery. It may be that the alternator is not charging it properly.

What is the use of sound card driver?

If you have sound card driver CD-ROM, CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive first. Right-click 'My Computer'---- properties ---- ---- hardware ---- Double-click Device Manager? (!) Device (sound card) ---- Click on the 're-install the driver'---- select' only this time 'and click' Next'---- select 'CD-ROM drive' and click 'Next' ---- start Installation to complete the installation. If the sound card driver is missing, your personal computer's sound equipment will not work.

Why wont my Mazda protege start it just goes click click and won't turn over the battery is good i tested it?

Among other reasons, a pulley or a belt might be broken/damaged.

How do you meet SpongeBob on club penguin?

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Your 1992 Explorer won't start it just makes a clicking sound no lights?

A click and no lights is an indication of a loose battery cable. Also, the battery may have a dead cell and won't take/hold a charge.

How do you record something .ogg on Sound Recorder?

Well, you'd start by opening your main menu. There'd be a sound menu, usually called sound recorder. You'd click on that, then you'd follow the easy steps (usually explained; click help.) and you then can record yourself.

Can a bad sylnoide on a starter stop a 1997 Mazda 626 from starting?

Yes - normally you will hear a "click" only when trying to start with a bad solenoid

How do you open a browser in Windows 7?

type internet into the start menu then click internet explorer.Then look to the very bottom and you should see a icon. Right click it and click pin to taskbar. then do this again but click pin to start menu. Makes things much easier

What does it mean when you start a car and it makes the sound like you're trying to start a car that's already started?

is the starter staying engaged? It will make that sound once, and then when you try to start it again it starts just fine.