Mazda b2000 tapping noise?

The Mazda B2000 was equipped from the factory with mechanical lash adjusters. These need to be adjusted about once a year to maintain proper lash between the lash adjuster and the valve tip. To get to the rocker arms remove you're valve cover. In order to make an adjustment the cam follower must be on the base circle of the came lobe. Turn the engine clockwise until the cam lobe for the rocker arm you are trying to adjust is pointed straight down. Then loosen the lock nut and back off the adjuster with a flat head screw driver, insert the feeler gauge between the adjuster and valve tip. Slowly tighten the adjuster while wiggling the feeler gauge until it is snug to move. Then carefully hold the adjuster steady with the screwdriver as you tighten the lock nut with the wrench. Set the intake rocker arms for .007" lash and the exhaust side for .008"

After you are done turn the engine clockwise two full revolutions and then check to make sure on the intake side you can fit the .007" feeler gauge but not the .008". Do the same for the exhaust side making sure you can fit the .008" but not the .009". If the larger gauge fits for any rocker arm readjust it turn the engine over twice and recheck.

Some tapping will always be heard with mechanical lash adjusters. The above settings are my recommendation based on professional experience. If set properly to the settings above valvetrain noise and wear will be minimized. The factory recommended setting should be labeled on a sticker under the hood.

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