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"Me amas tu tambien?" means "Do you also love me?" or "Do you love me, too?"

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Q: Me amas tu tambien
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Related questions

Amo tu tambien?

Confusing wordage for the question - in no way grammatically correct. If the question is "Te amo a ti tambien" the translation is "I love you ,too". If the question is "Me amas tu tambien?", the translation is "Do you love me, too?".

What does Yo siempre te amare no se le olvide nada pero dime tu tambien you amas mean in English?

yo siempre te amare(i will always love you) no se le olvide nada (dont forget anything) pero dime tu tambien you amas(but tell me that you love me too.

Tu tambien translate that to English?

"Tu tambien" translates as "you too" or "you also".

How do you say yes you too in Spanish?

si, tu tambien si, tu tambien

What does tu eres linda tambien?

tu eres linda tambien means you are beautiful, too

What is tu tambien?

You too

What does tu tambien mean?

"Tu tambien" means "You too" or You also."Example:person 1: "Que tengas un buen dia." (Hope you have a nice day.)person 2: "Gracias, tu tambien." (thanks, you too)Tu tambien in Spanish means you too in English

What does tu tambien mi amiga mean in English?

you too my friend

You too in Spanish?

Tu tambien?

How do i say do you love me in Mexico?

?Tu me amas?

What does tu tambin mean?

If you mean tu tambien, then it's: you too

What is You love your brother in Spanish?

¿Amas a tu hermano?

How do I say in Spanish you also?

Tu tambien.

Y tu tambien?

Translation: "And you also?"

How do you translate you too from English to Spanish?

Tu tambien (informal) Usted tambien (formal) = You too

Do you love your mommy?

In Spanish this would be "¿Amas tu mamá?"

What does Tu quieres tambien mean?

you also want

How do you say same to you in Spanish?

Y tu tambien

What is 'You love Tyler' when translated from English to Spanish?

Tu queras Tyler or Tu amas Tyler

Can you quote some latin expressions?

Ego tu amas... I love you

How do you say do you love me in portuguese?

Tu me amas? Você me ama? (Brazil)

Vos amas a tu mama means?

that means You love your mom :)

Cur tu Marcum non amas means what?

Why do you not like Marcus?Marcum = Direct objectnon amas = Transitive Verbtu = Subject

How do you say 'so are you' in spanish?

pues, tu eres tambien

What does tu tambien mi corazon mean?

"You too my sweetheart"