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Meaning of IPO greding?


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September 13, 2011 11:36AM

I guess you have asked IPO grading if I am correct then the answar goes as under;

There are many popular meanings for IPO.However, in financial dictionaries and IPO stands for initial public offers. The term is used with reference to shares or scrips offered to public and some times grading is done according to priviliges attached with the scrips or due to other (like divident guarenteed or participation limitations in management ) reasons. Grading of IPOs for issue is known as IPO grading that can either be A category shares, B category shares or like Preference shares and normal shares etc.


In army normally gredding is used to show the number that contains an meaning ful information. So keeping that in mind an IPO greding is giving a specific number to initial public offer that contains some specific meaningful information.

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Check Black's Law dictionary or croft's law dictionary