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A hare is a relative to a rabbit, only larger and wilder. To hunt means to trail after and seek to capture. To turn someone or something is to force them to turn in a certain direction. A rocky road is one that has a lot of rocks either in the road or to either side. Dublin is a city in Ireland.

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Q: Meaning of phrase hunt the hare and turn her down the Rocky Road to Dublin?
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What are the release dates for The Rocky Road to Dublin - 1927?

The Rocky Road to Dublin - 1927 was released on: USA: 1 February 1927

What are the ratings and certificates for Rocky Road to Dublin - 1968?

Rocky Road to Dublin - 1968 is rated/received certificates of: Ireland:(Banned) (original release) UK:12

What actors and actresses appeared in Rocky Road to Dublin - 1968?

The cast of Rocky Road to Dublin - 1968 includes: Douglas Gageby as himself John Huston as himself Peter Lennon as Narrator

What is the song Rocky Road To Dublin about?

It is about a man leaving his home in the west of Ireland to head to Dublin, and also on to Liverpool.

Who sings Rocky Road to Dublin in the boxing scene in Sherlock Holmes?

The Dubliners

What is the song playing in the end credits of Sherlock Holmes?

it was The Rocky Road To Dublin by the The Dubliners happy to help ;)

What is the title of the song in the boxing scene from Sherlock Holmes?

Rocky Road To Dublin. It's a version by the Dubliners with Luke Kelly on vocals.

What is the song on Sherlock Holmes when he is fighting?

In the 2009 film starring Robert Downey jr? The song was the Rocky Road to Dublin, by the Dubliners.

In Sherlock Holmes there is a banjo song during the fight scene with the large frenchman about 45 minutes in what is the name of the song?

The Dubliners-Rocky Road to Dublin

What is the duration of The Rocky Road?

The duration of The Rocky Road is 660.0 seconds.

In which neighbourhood of Dublin was the Lansdowne Road stadium located?

Lansdowne Road stadium is located in Ballsbridge, Dublin 4.

What side of the road do you drive on in Dublin?

In Dublin in Ireland, people drive on the left side of the road.

When was The Rocky Road created?

The Rocky Road was created on 1910-01-03.

When was Rocky Road Records created?

Rocky Road Records was created in 2003.

When was The Rocky Road - album - created?

The Rocky Road - album - was created in 2008.

What is Dublin Ferry Port address?

Dublin Ferry Port Alexandra Road Dublin 1 Ireland.

Is there really a 16 Tara Road address in Dublin Ireland?

Tara road is located in kennilworth Square Rathgar, Dublin.

Which is best road for travel Kilkenny to dublin or kilkenny to cork?

Kilkenny to Dublin.

How do you make the jelly that goes into rocky road?

didnt know rocky road had jelly

What is the post code for 153 Leinster Road Dublin?

Ireland does not have postal codes. Leinster Road is in Rathmines, in what is called Dublin 6. So the address would be: 153 Leinster Road Rathmines Dublin 6 Ireland

Is rocky road a biscuit?

There is a Rocky Road candy bar but not a biscuit. The most well-known version of Rocky Road is a dessert made from chocolate, marshmallows and nuts.

Why is rocky road called rocky road?

Because of the texture in the ice cream .. It has marshmellos & almonds ...

When was I Love Rocky Road created?

I Love Rocky Road was created on 1982-03-14.

How far is dublin from galway by road?

it takes 2 hours to drive from galway to Dublin

Is Killarney near Dublin?

Killarney is approximately 4 hours by road or by train from Dublin

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